Author: Kenny Bump

Kenny Bump

Stereotypes are made to be broken... and conformed with. Kenny hails from the Dirty South, aka the Dirty Dirty or, simply, Atlanta. He ventured out here for a restart in life. What better place than a city linked mythologically to resurrection? Kenny has a penchant for all things creative. Art, music, homemade gin and tonics, architecture, writing and sweet tea are all important aspects of the world of Kenny Bump. You will catch him strolling Downtown for that evasive perfect meal, or to just to mingle with the peeps at a First Friday. If you want to know anything about the stereotypes of the South, the magnificence of grits or why sweet tea is a viable resource, then Kenny is your guy. He currently resides in the Garfield district.

Sips and Grub | Cheeseburger and Cajun Fries at Five Guys Burger and Fries

September 7, 2010 | By

The East Coast franchise is now Downtown at CityScape.

Sips and Grub | Glazed Donut and Strawberry Smoothie at Rainbow Donuts

August 31, 2010 | By

A sugar coma? Yes… but a tasty sugar coma!

Sips and Grub | Hong Kong Soy Chicken at Sens

August 24, 2010 | By

If you’re lucky enough to stop in at Sens when this special is on the menu, make sure to order it. Maybe order two.

Sips and Grub | Urban Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich at Urban Cookies

August 17, 2010 | By

Gluttonous, cool and delectable: This is the premier Phoenix summertime treat.

Sips and Grub | Igby Hot Dog at Short Leash Hot Dogs

August 10, 2010 | By

Inspired toppings, creative presentation and that buttery, warm flatbread. This is a hot dog!

Sips and Grub | Margherita Pizza at Centurion

August 3, 2010 | By

It doesn’t look like a pizza hot spot, but tiny Centurion makes pies that are big on taste.

Sips and Grub | Tonkatsu Sandwich at Nobuo at Teeter House

July 27, 2010 | By

A first taste of this brand new menu reveals an instant favorite.

Sips and Grub | Black Cherry Waffle Cone at Pink Spot

July 20, 2010 | By

This ice cream shop is a saving grace to my oven-roasted spirits. I needed something cool.

Sips and Grub | Southern Fried Chicken at Mrs. White’s Golden Rule Café

July 13, 2010 | By

Food can take you back to a special time and place. This meal took my stomach on the fantastic voyage to my grandmother’s kitchen.

Sips and Grub | Mango Empanada at Royal at the Market

July 6, 2010 | By

Royal is always stocked with high-quality treats, so when a quest for one turned up empty, a better replacement was scarfed up.