Even in the oven that we live in, it is still possible to celebrate in style. For my celebrations, I like to include the old-fashioned cure-all: ice cream. Fortunately for yours truly, Pink Spot serves up righteous parties by the scoopful.

As you may have noticed over the past few weeks, I have been desperately trying to find places around Downtown that serve up something that can take my mind off the heat. I have learned in my short time here that diversion is the best way to keep me in good spirits. So, my latest conquest is Pink Spot. This ice cream shop is a saving grace to my oven-roasted spirits. I needed something cool.

This quaint shop situated next to a zpizza, definitely reeks of cool (double entendres are fun). It has a hip, soda shop-esque vibe that makes it not just a place to stop by, but a sweet place to hang out. Considering that they have lots of different specials and dish out some fantastic-smelling coffee, I might be spending the impending “dog days of summer” here. They want you to hang out, considering that they fling free WiFi at you. How cool is that?

My appetite for cool refreshment would not allow me to linger around checking the place out for long. I was seemingly launched toward the counter in icy-oasis-seeking rage. Immediately, my eyes landed on a flavor of ice cream from my youth, black cherry. I can’t explain why, but I spent several Southern summers downing cherry-flavored ice cream. It is like heaven to my tastebuds.

Once my massive single scoop was presented ever so sweetly in a waffle cone, I was in a state of undeterred bliss. Each taste was sweet, creamy and loaded with fresh cherry bits. This ice cream was, as the youngens say, “off the hook.” That hard-sought oasis was attained in the feeding frenzy that I partook in. Don’t worry, I made sure to decorate my shirt and face with it as I scarfed it down.

Ask yourself if summer is wearing on you. I’m thinking that our own little hip ice cream shop may have the cure for what ails you. I know I’ll be beating the heat at Pink Spot. So, come on down and share in my ice cream comas.

Pink Spot has extended summer hours to 10 p.m. during the week. It is located at 49 W. Thomas Rd. (light rail station at Central/Thomas) in Willo — 602.265.3889