Coffee shops are somewhat notorious for making sure that irresistible goodies adorn their front counters. This usually lends itself to the less resistant buying several scrumptious treats and feeling full and content. Royal at the Market is guilty of this as well. In fact, every Friday they usually stock bacon brownies, which is what I had a hankerin’ to try, but they also get a smorgasbord of other treats that are also heavenly.

I strolled down to Royal for a quick coffee fix and to try one of those baked goods rocking the countertop. The good thing about this place is that you are always met with a friendly face and a topnotch drink. Those are just about guarantees. The list of good vibes continues when you have to order your life-blood coffee over a mountain of goodies. I imagine that it is somewhat the same scene in heaven or a blissful afterlife.

A little birdie had told me that Royal gets treats on Friday mornings that vanish at a light-speed rate. They are noted for bringing in bacon brownies, which sounds like a combo of two majorly necessary food groups, but this particular morning they had different treats. My eyes locked on the gargantuan mango empanada. This thing was seriously packed to the gills with flaky, fruity goodness.

So, after scoring an iced mocha and my empanada, I chilled in the hip back room with the other Royal patrons. Needless to say, I wolfed down that empanada. The outer shell was soft, sweet and full of billowy goodness. The real kicker was the filling, jam-packed with mango, which made my mind take off to a tropical paradise. This treat was legit, and even though it was second on my list, its sweet deliciousness might have pushed it to the top.

When the craving for a fantastic coffee of near epic proportions inevitably hits you, saunter over to Royal at the Market to fill your addiction and create a new one. I know I will be back every Friday to try each and every treat they roll out.

Royal at the Market is located inside the Urban Grocery & Wine Bar at 14 E. Pierce St. in Evans Churchill (light rail at Roosevelt Station) — 602.254.5465