Cookies are truly delectable treats. They have the uncanny ability to make me crave them fortnightly. In some cases, I crave them every night. This incessant craving has led me to seek out some well-crafted, flavorful treats in our beloved Downtown.

I heard tale that a palace of heavenly baked goodness resided just up 7th Street, in the form of Urban Cookies. This standalone cookie factory shone like a beacon of hope for my sweet tooth.

Your new favorite thing.

When I walked in, I was met with a flair of modern design and sweet scents of epic flavor permeating the air. I knew from the first glance that this was going to be my new favorite place ever. In fact, if I was a student at any of the surrounding high schools, I would stumble through these doors with unabashed regularity.

The namesake cookie of this establishment caught my eye first. Consisting of organic layers of dark chocolate, toasted walnuts, oats and coconut, this cookie teems with deliciousness. Yours truly is not normally an advocate of coconut, but this takes exception. The taste was so amazing that I now catch myself unknowingly drawing doodles of this cookie while trying to write this blog. Sheesh.

Well, this description is not the end of the story, but the beginning. The geniuses at Urban Cookies offer a deal that you and your palate cannot afford to pass up: an ice cream sandwich made up of two cookies of your choice and a center of rich vanilla bean ice cream, weighing in at the size of a small bowling ball. What is not to love about that?

I chose the cookie of the month, vanilla bean and an Urban Cookie to comprise my ice cream sandwich. When this behemoth rolled out, I clearly recall saying, “Welcome to gluttony!” This might be why I have to go some places by myself.

As you can imagine, there was no part of this ice cream sandwich that was left uneaten. I devoured the sweet, creamy treat voraciously and I was admittedly a little sad when it was gone. I believe that I have found what a truly epic ice cream sandwich is supposed to taste like. There is no comparison.

I fully expect to hear of your adventures into ice cream sandwich utopia soon. My sweet tooth won’t let me ever drive up 7th Street again without a stop at Urban Cookies. Thank goodness.

Urban Cookies is located at 4711 N. 7th St. in Uptown — 602.451.4335

  • MoLo_

    I’m takin’ a walk over there when I get home. Nom!