It’s here once again. That nausea you’ve been feeling is probably brought on by the Los Angeles Lakers, who the Suns are set to take on in the NBA Western Conference Finals beginning Monday night. No matter the outcome — whether it’s a Lakers showcase, a dominant Suns series or a come-from-behind team effort like the first-round win the Suns picked up against the Lakers in 2006 — we’re never happy to see Kobe and company at US Airways Center. Thinking of Andrew Bynum trudging up and down the court is painful enough, without me wondering what ill Ron Artest will inflict his hairdo. Yup, another series against the purple and gold sounds oh so pleasant.

Yet with the Suns playing brilliant ball since the All-Star break, the buzz level is at its highest. Expect a battle each and every game, as this series promises not to disappoint. Our own Suns Spot predicts Phoenix will take the series in six games, but we wanted to back it up with a friendly wager with our pals at LA Downtown News. They are equally as confident in their Lakers, so the battle of Suns speed versus Lakers height is on. If the Suns win the series, expect a lovely essay on the virtues of Downtown Phoenix life to grace the LA Downtown News homepage for a few weeks. If the Lakers muscle their way to victory, DPJ will likewise pony up a sweet-talking study of LA’s budding central core.

So, root the Suns to victory, not only so we can beat the East in the Finals, but also so a few Angelinos can learn about life in the PHX.