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The rivalry is about to be renewed.

When we at the Suns Spot started to write our preview for the upcoming Western Conference Finals between the Phoenix Suns and Los Angeles Lakers, there were a couple of approaches we could take. We could have predicted the series based on how the San Antonio Spurs played against the Suns. We could have said that since the Spurs had no answer for the Suns defensively, neither will the Lakers. We could have said since the Suns swept the Spurs in such dominating fashion, they’ll do the same to the Lakers. We could have said those things, but then we realized that the Lakers are a completely different team than the Spurs.

Someone should let Bill Plaschke over at the Los Angeles Times know that the Suns are a completely different team than the Utah Jazz. Mr. Paschke claims the Suns have no chance at beating the Lakers. He came to this conclusion not based on what the Suns can do, but based on what he saw the Lakers do to the Jazz. Apparently, the Lakers closing the Jazz out at home has left the Suns afraid to play the Lakers.

Plaschke must not have seen the Suns blow out the Jazz on their home court to end the regular season. That’s right, Bill, the Lakers aren’t the first team to win in Utah.

Plaschke doesn’t understand that the Suns are a far better offensive team than the Jazz. If the Jazz managed to put up 102 points per game on the mighty Lakers defense, imagine what the Suns will be able to do. The expected return of Robin Lopez means Lakers forward Pau Gasol is going to have to guard Amar’e Stoudemire the majority of the time. Everyone talks about how tall Gasol is, but nobody talks about how soft he is. If Gasol guards Amar’e one-on-on, Amar’e will rip him apart. If Lakers center Andrew Bynum comes to double on STAT, he will find Lopez.

Plaschke doesn’t take into account that the Suns are a healthy team. The Lakers just beat up on a Jazz team playing with half of Andre Kirilenko and no Mehmet Okur. LA should have taken care of Utah like Orlando dumped Atlanta, but they didn’t. Utah was in every game. Sure, the Lakers swept, but it wasn’t really that impressive.

Plaschke seemed to forget that the Suns have a bench. Guys like Jared Dudley and Channing Frye come off the Suns bench. I’d say those guys are a whole heck of a lot better than Jazz starters Wes Matthews and C.J. Miles.

Plaschke doesn’t realize that length doesn’t equal talent. Yes, the Lakers are tall, but how good are their bigs? Sure, Gasol will show up offensively, but he’s a weak defender. Bynum is big but is highly inconsistent and will have an equally big body in Lopez to deal with. Lamar Odom shows up about half the time and makes dumb plays on a regular basis. The Lakers can have their tall bigs, I’ll take the Suns’ talented bigs.

Tell Plaschke that two-time MVP Steve Nash may be playing the best basketball of his career and will have a field day with Derek Fisher guarding him. Heck, backup point guard Goran Dragic will have a field day if Fisher is guarding him. Outside of Kobe Bryant, the Lakers’ backcourt is really bad, and the Suns’ guards will expose them.

Someone should let Bill Plaschke know the Suns will steal one of the first two in Los Angeles and close this series out in six.

Spots to watch the Suns

Couldn’t get your hands on those elusive Game 3 and 4 tickets? There are plenty of spots to watch the Suns around Downtown Phoenix.

Alice Cooperstown — 141 E. Jackson St.
Bar Smith — 130 E. Washington St.
Coach & Willie’s — 412 S. 3rd St.
District American Kitchen — 320 N. 3rd St.
ICON Lounge — 50 E. Adams St.
Majerle’s — 24 N. 2nd St.
Portland’s — 105 W. Portland St.
St. Francis — 111 W. Camelback Rd.
Stoudemire’s — 3 N. 2nd St.
The Turf — 705 N. 1st St.

  • corey butler

    Someone should let this guy know that Steve Nash is the only player to ever win the MVP and never play in the NBA Finals. Someone should also let him know that the only guards to win the MVP are Magic, Cousy and NAsh. The first two have 11 championships between them. Nash is yet to get out of the conference. Someone should also let him know that the lakers bigs were good enough to win the NBA title last season. Someone should also tell this guy that any guard in the league can do everything to Steve Nash that he does to them because he (not Fisher) is the worst defensive point guard in basketball. Someone should tell this guy that Nash and Hill are over the Hill. Someone should tell this guy that the Suns will be lucky to get a win on their own floor.

    • Lisa in AZ

      Love that the Lakers fans feel that all the previous championships won by non-Kobe teams, somehow validates how this Laker’s team will win this series. Pull your lousy heads out of the past and stick in the present or the only thing you’ll have is your warm, happy memories of season’s gone by to feel good about after the Suns take down the Lakers. Enough already with every pre-1999 championship. We’ve heard it AD NAUSEUM yet it makes not one lick of difference in this series. Unless those banners in your rafters can come down and guard against even the Suns bench, they mean NOTHING. Do you think you got that yet? If your logic were true, Suns stand to win as we have taken you out in the last two post season meetings.

      Lakers fans living in the past and judging the outcome of the Suns series based on Jazz series, is about as DUMBASS as saying the Suns will win based on how they handled the Spurs. Imagine what dumbasses LA fans would be calling us if we had said such an idiotic thing. LA should be embarrassed by Bill Plastered or Plaschke, whatever the hell his name is.


      And anyway, why is LA even allowing the team to come to AZ to play. Isn’t that against the BOYCOTT? Idiots again, and they just keep proving it over and over.

      • Cory

        First.. those 15 championship banners do mean something in this series, its a reminder to all the Arizona citizens (and non citizens :)) that in Los Angeles we have a tradition of winning.

        Sure some can say we stole Pau Gasol, but who really wants to play in Memphis? Im sure is Steve Trash had the opportunity to play in Los Angeles over PHX he would mirgrate over to Los Angeles.

        Next your right we should boycott the games played in PHX since our city is, no problem, seeing how you guys arent winning a game in STAPLES CENTER, then we are not worried.

        Next we are so tired about hearing how great the Suns bench is… lets analyze it….

        Barbosa… hmmm… if thats the point guard of your future… then the lottery seems to be in the future as well.
        Drokojic if he is allowed to play game 3 (check his papers) hes not doing anything special.
        Jared Dudley… hell Sasha would make those wide open 3s hes getting.
        Frye… came from the New York Knicks… enough said… and he cant shoot in a pressure situation.
        Amunsion come on… id take DJ Benga anyday.

        Lamar is averaging a double double… Shannon Brown came within a quarter of an inch of the best dunk in NBA history…. Jordan Farmar made the game clinching shot in Game 2, Josh Powell got into the dunk action game 1, your bench is not that great.
        Its just that everyone expects us to have Kobe and Gasol type bench players… but even we have a limit in Los Angeles.

        We are going to go into that DUMP known as US Airways arena and shut it down just like the JOBING arena was shut down as the #2 seed this year. So citizens and non citizens of Arizona… enjoy this season… for some residents of Arizona it may be there last 😀

    • swept the spurs

      someone should let this guy know that averaging 18 and 9 is not over the hill someone should let this guy know that bryant and fisher arent exactly in their prime either someone should let this guy know that if the suns starters cant get it done they have the best bench in the nba to pick up the slack someone should let this guy know that the suns are taking this series in 6

      • corey butler

        Its absolutely amazing how numbers seem to mean so much when it comes to certain players. when Jordan had great numbers and no titles, he was not a good player. Lebron has great numbers and no titles and he is being torn a new one; Kobe was just a show off before he wn a title without Shaq, but Nash i simply great without a finals appearance. Just remember this–there is always someone watching!

    • First of all, Steve Nash being labeled a bad defender is highly exaggerated in large part because he is so effective on the offensive side of the ball people must find a way to knock him. Every year Nash is up with the leaders in taken charges but apparently that doesn’t count as defense. Derek Fisher is really no better on defensve but nobody has a need to bring that up because at best Fisher is mediocre in every other aspect of the game.

      Second, bringing up previous championships won by past MVPs is pretty irrelevant, so why even mention it? I suppose Charles Barkley and Karl Malone were scrubs because they never won a championships. Plus, that LeBron James guy has two MVPs and has yet to win a ring yet and don’t try to mention his Finals appearance because he was swept in the Finals and only made it there because the Eastern conference was very weak that year.

      Finally, if you think Nash and Grant Hill are too old and over the hill, well then you simply have not watched them play this year and definitely have caught a glimpse of what they’ve done in the playoffs this year. If these two are washed up, what does that make Odom, Artest, Fisher, Bynum, Brown, Farmar, Walton and the rest of the Lakers bench that have all put up worse numbers and have had a lesser positive impact this post season?

      • corey butler

        If Steve Nash is so good, why is it that he has never made it to he finals? He had Dirk and Finley in Dallas and Amare and others in Phoenix and still has choked when it has mattered the most. Tim Thomas saved the suns from a 4-1 exit the last time these teams met in the playoffs because nash choked. None of you have any reasonable argument as to why you think the suns will beat the lakers. The suns are one of the NBA’s greatest all-time pretenders and the lakers are the NBA (along with the celtics) so get real. Steve nash is hardly an MVP. What happen to all that talk about team success–oh it does not matter when it comes to Steve Largent, Mark McGuire and Steve Nash–huh. Neither of these guys have ever wo anything, but they are consistently compared to greats such as Magic Johnson, Jerry Rice and Reggie Jackson. Nash needs to get a title or give backat least one of those MVP awards. Lakers in 4.

      • corey butler

        Odom, artest, fisher and bynum are the current world champions except artest). The lakers are proven winners. The suns have not proven a darn thing. Now try that own for size. The lakers obviously do not need a great bench. They beat the suns 3-1 this season and are the #1 seed in the west. Your arguments are empty. How can you tell a rich business man that his ideas are a waste?

        • You keep bringing up the Tim Thomas shot which just makes you look foolish. I didn’t realize that one shot, that wasn’t even a game winner, had the ability to win four games. By the way, that wasn’t the last time these teams met in the playoffs.

          Plenty of people in this post have give lots of reasons as to why the Suns can be the Lakers, you however, have yet to give any reasons as to why the Lakers have won other than to mention their past championships which have zero impact on this series.

          Odom, Fisher and Bynum having rings doesn’t make them specials. There’s been a ton of guys in this league to win a title and they weren’t anything more than roster fillers.

          Winning the regular season series means nothing. Especially when you factor in that the first two wins were early in the season, when we didn’t have Lopez and Phoenix was on the second night of a back-to-back on the road playing their 5th game in 7 nights all while the Lakers had been at home resting.

          • corey butler

            Chris; you do realize that you are comparing the suns to the lakers–right? Are you kidding or what?

          • corey butler

            Who looks foolish now Chris Coffel?

    • Jose

      Well he will this year. I’m sure you won’t mention that when it happens. Suns in 7.

      • corey butler

        Says who? Nash has no more of a chance to win it this year as he has had in any other year.

    • Tony L

      Those are all very good comments in response to this article. Someone should also tell the writer of this blog that Pau is not soft anymore. Amar’e is going to have his heart ripped out and stomped on by Pau and Odom in that way that only the Lakers can do it. Granted that Amar’e is clearly better than Boozer offensively; Boozer got eaten alive and is a much more tenacious and gritty player than Amar’e. Amar’e doesn’t bother playing defense most of the time and after a few blocked shots and a game of being held to 15 points, while being torched by Pau on the defensive end of the floor, Amar’e is going to pack it in. Also, the comparisons between Utah and Phoenix are actually relevant in my opinion. Both offenses are driven by a great point guard and a strong power forward. The Utah offense is more structured while the Suns’ offense is more fluid; but both require the dual engines to be going at full strength to win. While it may not seem like the Laker’s dominated Utah like the Magic dominated the Hawks, frankly, the Hawks suck and Utah would crush them as well. The fact that the Lakers controlled games 1, 2, and 4 against Utah imposing their will easily when focused should worry the Suns enormously. There is also another factor that many writers have not mentioned which is the emotional let down after winning a dramatic series against a rival. The Suns overcame the Spurs and this was a big relief and big high moment for the team. Appearing in the WCF is a bonus. Players are loose but also they could easily be unfocused because the desire to beat the Lakers is not the same as the need to beat the Spurs. While talking about the Spurs, let’s face it, this Spurs team is not the great defensive team of the past decade. Duncan is old and cannot dominate consistently anymore. That certainly mitigates the importance of the Suns victory. The Lakers defense is much better than the Spurs. Ron Artest is going to feast on Richardson. Look what he did to Kevin Durant, the leagues scoring champion. A significant lack of production from Richardson will hurt the Suns since they relied on his consistent production against the Spurs. Next, let’s talk about momentum. The Suns have been playing very well since the All-Star break, while the Lakers – hampered by injuries for the 2nd half of the season- are just now hitting their stride. This is another problem for the Suns. (The Suns are a good team, but they aren’t improving significantly over the course of the playoffs. Individuals are but the team is what it is to a large extent.) The Lakers on the other hand are improving noticeably as a team and Phil Jackson has always been able to get his championship teams to do just that — improve over the course of the playoffs. Compare 2008 to 2009. 2008 was a prime example of how the Lakers coasted to the finals and got their behind handed to them because they had not faced adversity. They had not been tested and as a result did not have to improve and adjust. 2009 was a much harder road and the Lakers overcame multiple obstacles and it served the team well. Which gets us to 2010. Round 1 woke the slumbering beast and Round 2 allowed that beast to whet its appetite. The Lakers can smell the finals and the desire is strong. The Lakers showed consistent stretches of realized potential in Game 4 in Utah. The league should tremble in abject fear because no one can beat them when they are in that zone. And that was without Bynum contributing. Couple that with their experience and that’s just one more reason why the Lakers are favored to win this series. Teams that have not won championships always downplay experience, but it does matter for both players and coaches. Finally, the core of the Lakers has just as much chemistry as the Suns. Odom, Gasol, Kobe, Fish, Walton and Powell (yes Walton and Powell are part of the team core in terms of experience and leadership) have been together through 2 very deep playoff runs. They have a bond that is just as powerful as the Suns. It’s certainly different, but it’s nothing to take lightly. If the Lakers win game 1, this series is done for the Suns. The Lakers will not sweep, they are the Lakers after all and will have several brain farts, but I really believe they will win in 5.

      • Just a couple things to comment on here. One, the Suns are nothing like Utah. If you think that, you haven’t watched the Suns play. Two, you made it clear you haven’t watched the Suns play later in your post when you said they haven’t been improving as a team over the course of the playoffs. They got better every game against the Spurs. I’d say if you play better each game, then as a team you’re getting better. Three, you mentioned momentum being important yet you think that favors the Lakers? It’s pretty clear the Suns have the momentum here.

        And lastly Gasol isn’t soft anymore? This is a joke right? He’s incredibly soft. As is Odom. Not to mention Odom has the basketball IQ of a door knob.

        • corey butler

          Chris, you are forgetting one important thing. The lakers are the world champions with all of the players you are trying to criticize. And you have the nerve to question Odoms intellect! If Gasol is soft, he was enough to win the title so let it go. What are you talking about? You have to be the most ignorant sports fan I have ever encountered on any level!

          • I’m the ignorant one? This is coming from the guy claiming Nash only won MVPs because he is white. Interesting.

            By the way, it’s a seven games series. If LA wins 4 games, then come back and talk.

        • corey butler

          The suns are nothing like Utah. You are so right. utah did not get thrashed like this did they?

        • corey butler

          Do you still think the suns have the momentum? Oh, by the way, you said talk wh the lakers when 4 games. If that’s the case, then why were you talking smack before the series began? Now that the suns have been royally thrashed in game one, your tune has changed. Still think Gasol is soft?

    • I agree. As good as Nash is, he’s no Derom Williams, nor as qick as Westbrook. No one can tell me they think Nash is better than Williams at this point in their careers. Fisher did an outstanding job of staying in front of Williams for the most part, and I expect the same against Nash. Also Williams causes a bigger problem with his rebounding, where Nash won’t change the game in this category. A 6’3″ Richardson will not average 20 pts per game vs a 6’8″ Kobe Bryant who scored 30 pts per game oand over 50% field goals vs a CJ MIles who is a better defender than Richardson. For Gasol, his last game stat line of 33 pts, 14 rebs, abd 4 blocks doesn’t say soft to me against All-Star Forward Carlos Boozer. Stoudemire may be able to score with Gasol, but he’s not a block shot presence and can’t out-rebound Gasol. Bynum and Lopez are smarting with injuries, but even in last series (where Bynum actually played while Lopez is forced to find a rhythm simular to Nelson in last years finals or Kirilenko in last series) Bynum averaged double figures in rebounds and intimidated over 2 blocks a game. Channing Frye can go outside…great so can Lamar Odom who has cashed in several ket 3-point field goals this playoffs. But Odom can put pressure on Frye’s dismal defense by posting him up and taking him to the hole. Brown is quicker than Drajic, Brown proved he can stay in front of Westbrook which is a tougher guard than Drajic. Dudley is and out of shape three point shooter with no defense. Lakers can match up a 6’8 Walton or a former defensive MVP Ron Artest (who did a wonderful job defending Durant; this years scoring champion) who will forced turnovers on Dudley who’s ball handle isn’t good enough to go 1 on 1 with Artest. Did I cover everything?

  • Michael Keller

    I totally agree with you on this the Suns will rip the lakers apart. The Suns have been the hottest team since the all-star break with 39-12. They are the best 3 point shooting team in the history of the NBA and that is a FACT. I don’t think the Lakers will be able to defend the perimeter because they are a better inside defending team, yet they don’t have the talent like the Suns do. Another key factor for the Suns is Robin Lopez is likely to come back during this series and he is a outstanding offensive and Defensive player, which will go well with Stoudmire and Frye for the big men. They will dominate the lakers defense. Nash will have everyone running after him in the inside which will open up the 3-point shooting, or he will open up the pick and roll with Stoudmire which they have been doing very well. Yet another key factor in the Suns being the better team is that they have a bench team that is outstanding so when Al needs to rest up his starters the bench can get the job done…the Lakers don’t have that much of an effective bench team. I think that the series will end 4-1 Suns. And if BILL PLASCHKE thinks the lakers will rip the Suns apart lets go back to the 2006 playoffs when the suns were down 3-1 and won 3 straight to win the series against the Lakers, and yes that was 4 years ago and they are not the same Suns, but they are a BETTER Suns team now

    • corey butler

      People are just hating on the Lakers because of those 15 titles they have. steve nash is a terrible defensive player. By the way, the Lakers won the championship with the same bench as they have now. So now what? And who the heck is robin lopez? Since when the he become a difference maker versus anybody, especially the lakers? The suns are too small and too weak up front to contend with the champs. The sun goes down in L.A. at @7:00 p.m.

      • Corey, Corey, Corey, what will we do with you? Yes, the Lakers did win a title with most of the bench they currently have, but there was two big factors that caused that. One, they had Trevor Ariza. Now, even though I believe he is very much over rated, he was a much better fit for the Lakers and did a lot more than Artest is capable of doing at this point. Artest basically jacks up bad shots now. Two, Kevin Garnett was hurt last play offs. Had KG not gone down, Boston would have walked to their second straight title.

        Robin Lopez has already been a difference maker this year against the Lakers. If you don’t remember, I’ll remind you. When he came into the game in Phoenix back in December, he entirely changed the course of the game. Lopez has the size to match with the LA bigs and he is a whole heck of lot tougher.

        You keep saying the Suns are too weak, but that’s not the case at all. The Suns may be smaller than LA, but they’re definitely tougher, smarter and play with more heart. Odom is the second dumbest player in the league behind JR Smith and plays weak. And Gasol, if a gust of wind comes into the arena that guy will fall down.

        • corey butler

          Robin Lopez has been a difference maker–WHAT! The lakers won the season series 3-1. How is that being a difference maker? Are you all sure that your interest in this whole thing is wanting to see a white guy lead a team to an NBA title. I understand that that has not happened since LArry Bird. Okay, I get it now. But please don’t disrespect Kobe by comparing Nash. I think Nash should do something to earn those MVP awards. Dwayne Wade is miles better than Nash and how many MVP awards does he have? Oh, by the way, Kobe is outscoring grant hill 27.5 to 10 in the regular season matchups and please don’t go talking about this is the playoffs. We all know Kobe only gets better. You all beat the Spurs–that’s about enough for that woeful francise.

          • swept the spurs

            Ok Kobe Outscored Grant Hill but what does that have to do with anything?? Grant Hill isn’t even one of the Suns top 5 scorers so congrats to Kobe. Steve Nash is outscoring Derek Fisher 17 to 10 Stoudemire is outscoring Bynum 20 to 10 Richardson is outscoring Artest 22 to 10… so what does that say??

          • About a white guy leading a team to an NBA title? You’re no longer worthy of receiving any response to anything you say.

      • Michael Keller

        Lakers are the same team they were for since 2006 so dont tell me that it has nothing to do with now. You bring up the fact that Nash and Hill are “over the hill” but they are playing the best basketball of there lives right now. And Bryant who is he? nobody just a selfish basketball player who cares about nothing but himself, not to mention he would be considered “over the hill.” And Nash may not have made it to a playoffs yet or earned his title…but this is his year and dont come crying bacl to us phoenix fans when we beat you guys 4-1 in the playoffs.

        • corey butler

          who is Bryant. Are you serious? He’s a four time world champion and the current world champion. Who is Nash is more like it. You guys are absolutely unbelieveable! there must be some underlying issue here. You can not be that ignorant.

    • Regular season means Nothing. Cleveland was the hottest team in the regular season. Orlando was the hottest team in the 2010 playoffs. Hot means nothing in th NBA, its all about match ups. This isn’t baseball where a team like the Rockies can catch fire all the way to the championship. In the NBA the better team wins because one team wasn’t able to match up with the other. Suns don’t match up with the Lakers

  • corey butler

    Oh, by the way. People can certainly see that the lakers are the same team from 2006 who lost to the suns on a lucky shot by Tim Thomas (biggest of his career).

    • Lifetime Suns Fan

      HMMMMMMMMMMM So if you loose by a lucky 3 point shot… doesn’t count?????? I guess the Suns didn’t really loose to Chicago on John Paxon’s 3 point shot then………….

      • Paxon’s shot wasn’t lucky. Great rebound by Horace Grant (who won a ring in L.A. as well) while everyone paid attention to Grant he was able to find a wide open John Paxon for the game winner. No luck just toughness and great execution

    • Jose

      Tim Thomas was part of the team. The goal was to beat the Lakers and he helped do that. It doesn’t matter how it happened because in the end the Lakers lost and the Suns advanced.

      • corey butler

        The suns advanced to an off season. I simply cannot believe the comments in support of a team that does not even compare to the lakers. he suns need to stop focusing on its previous playoff bouts against the lakers and spurs and start getting into the finals. Who cares about a series in the playoffs. The lakers are the current NBA champion. title they won since losing to the suns in the playoffs so wo cares. What have the suns done since beating the lakers in the playoffs. Just as I though. Absolutely nothing! so you suns supporters cna just be quiet until your so-called MVP does something worthwhile. Did I bother to mention that he is the only MVP in league history to never make it to the finals–and he’s a white guy, go figure.

    • swept the spurs

      coming back from 1-3 in a series is not luck i dont care what sport

  • Txema from Catalunya

    Lakers are the defending champs. And that means they are great. That’s obviously. But I think that this year they haven’t got so many chances to repeat. And I’ll expose why. LAL need Kobe and Pau play too many minutes to success. Do you know how long did they play in Game 4 in Salt Lake City? Kobe 42 min. Pau 40 min. And we can go on: Fisher 40 min and Ron A. 35 min! That’s a lot. Why do they play too much? Because they aren’ good enough off the bench. Then: if LAL wants to win, they can play with only seven players. Last years, they had players like Trevor Ariza in the second unit. But not this year. Do you think that Phil Jackson can trust in Morrison, M’Benga, Farmar, Walton and Powell? The Suns are the opposite. I think they are one of the best second unit teams in the league. Dragic scored 26 in Texas. Do you think M’Benga, Farmar, Walton, Morrison and Powell will score 26 points all together in all the series? In the Regular Season Kobe won 6 games alone with buzzer beaten shots. LAL need new heroic shots like those. My opinion: Suns in 5.

    • Rob Kroehler

      Don’t be surprised at all to see any leads the Lakers build on Suns starters to completely evaporate when the Suns bench goes in. Dude from Catalunya is exactly correct. For once, the Suns are much, much deeper than LA, and that will be the difference. And to Corey Butler, Robin Lopez is PHX’s starting center. A true 7 footer with great defensive chops and a decent offensive option too. Yes, that’s right, the Suns swept the Spurs with JARRON COLLINS starting. No knock on Jarron, but he was a complete liability on both ends of the floor. The Suns will actually be substantially better than they were against San Antonio with a somewhat healthy Robin Lopez starting. The Lakers swept a very depleted Jazz team who very nearly won a couple of games. Honestly, the Clippers probably could’ve taken that series if they had home court. I’m sorry but the two most dominant teams in the playoff right now are PHX and Orlando, without a doubt. And it should come as no surprise, they were by far and away the two hottest teams at the end of the regular season. LA has their work cut out and then some.

      • corey butler

        Rob you sound like a complete idiot! The suns are pretenders. The lakers struggled with the rockets last season in the first round and how did that turn out? Thought so. so don’t go reading too much into the Jazz series. I am sure you all know that the lakers know how to take care of business when it counts. Nash is a choker –plain and simple. te only reason people want to see him when is because they are waiting for another Larry Bird. Not going to happen. You all saw what happened to Dirk when he tried that mess against Wade–oooops. Nash can’t fade Kobe. Besides, KB is out for revenge from the last two playoff series against the suns and that is BAD NEWS!

        • Jose

          Chris Coffel’s main point was don’t go reading into the Jazz series. yet here you are running your mouth.

    • corey butler

      TXEMA; you soun like Jim from Huckleberry Finn. can you please re-write that garbage.

      • Txema from Catalunya

        Suns also have numbers with them, Corey. The number is 17. You’ll see. In 1976 PHX defeat last Champions, the Warriors, and played the NBA Finals against Boston. It was an spectacular 3-overtime-game in game 5. 17 years later, in 1993, the Suns arrived for the second time to the Finals, against Michael Jordan and the Bulls. And 17 years later, 2010, will play their 3rd NBA Finals. 17. It’s the number. And Suns’ History will go on. For many years. Perhaps in 17 years, in 2027 we’ll win another NBA Final. Like in 2010?

    • Again regular season means nuthing other than getting home court. Lakers are looking like the team with the home court advanatage and haven’t lost a playoff game at home in 3 years. Trevor Ariza was a starter. We have the same team that won a championship in 2009. Yes Mbenga, Walton, Farmer, and Brown all polish rings that Nash could only dream of.

  • PhxDowntowner
  • Jay

    are You guys kidding. Robbin Lopez??? Please.. That fool aintgonna do nothin.. like always.. suns fans watch out because kobe and the whole lakers team is gonna tear you up.. Every year you guys have your eyes on the prize, but whats the prize for you guys? Lakers Baby

    • You’re right, Robbin Lopez probably won’t do anything. Robin Lopez, however, will.

      • corey butler

        chris; your’e a joke!

  • corey butler

    If robin lopez played for the lakers, you guys would be tearing him a new one. Please get off of that garbage and write something that makes sense.

  • Jet

    I am a Kobe and Nash fan. And I honestly think that if Nash plays at his best, meaning he plays his ridiculous intelligence on court, everybody steps up with him and Phoenix definitely wins. The same analogy doesn’t go with Kobe though. He is for me the best single player in his position but when becomes a monster in the court his mates don’t automatically go the same pace with him (we have all seen this many many times).

    My honest opinion is a perfect game of Phoenix beats perfect game of Lakers.

    • corey butler

      In a perfect world, I would be the president of the United States. WTF the lakers have aleady proven themselves; kobe has already proven himself, its the suns and nash that have not done anything. Kobe does not need everybody around him to step up–that’s why he is a superstar.

      • chad

        Have the Lakers or Kobe proven themselves in this series? No. Nash has proven that he can take down great defenses time after time after time, even with one eye. Nash actually uses his teammates, becuase he is a team player, unlike Kobe. If you think Kobe can beat the Suns by himself, you are mistaken. The Suns have a better bench, better chemistry, and better defense (really). And from what I’ve read from, you, I don’t think a perfect world would include you as the president.

        • corey butler

          Uh, chad–kobe is the one with the rings. Are you having a moment or what?

        • corey butler

          the lakers are the current world champions. What else must they do to prove themselves. Nash is only the third point guard to win an MVP award.The other two are Magic and Cousy (11 titles between them). Nash has not even made it out of the conf. Stop with this madness. And by the way Chad, you should not even be on this thread. You know nothing about basketball. Who actually thinks Kobe can beat anybody by himself? That’s why they have the same amount of players on their roster as the suns. WTF are you talking about?

        • corey butler

          Well chad, I guess the lakers have proven themselves in this series.

      • Michael Keller

        Bryant a superstar, more like a stupidstar, yeah he’s a one man team and doesnt care about any other play but himself. He’s playing the worst ball in his career and is over the hill Yeah nash is over the hill but playin the best ball of his career. Lakers CHOKE suns win it 4-1.

        • corey butler

          Kobe is oveer the hill. You all must be on some serious meth. Nash is a joke and everyone knows it. You all are just hurting because nash cannot earn those MVP awards. Kobe has four rings and one MVP tropy; nash has not even made it to the finals and has two MVP trophies. If it were the other way around, every one of you would be yelling that there is no I in team and all that other subliminal racism garbage, but you all sound like pure idiots since its the so called team player with no rings. Kobe is a selfish player with four championships; nash is a team player with no championships and two MVP’s –go figure.

        • corey butler

          Yeah, the worst ball of his career. Only 40 tonite.

    • Why hasn’t the Suns played perfect enough for this two time MVP to elevate them to at least a finals appearance? Right, reason being Kobe can elevate his team to a championship level. I don’t know what you call a “perfect game” but winning the Championship is the best mark of perfection

      • swept the spurs

        The suns are a different team from the last time they made it this far They actually have a bench and now they know defense is part of the game. Unlike in the 7 seconds or less era.

  • Jet

    Heck Jordan needs other players to win championships:) The more Kobe does.

  • Suns In 7

    We’d be remiss to think that this Laker team is the same as in 06 and 07, clearly they are better with Gasol, Artest, and Fisher than Kwame Brown, Luke Walton (then a starter) and Smush Parker. Still I like the Suns chances in 7… This team is resilient, never quit, can handle adversity, good FT% (very underestimated playoff stat), deep, good chemistry. Also, I think something that people aren’t really giving much attention to is Bynum’s knee! He looked like he was favoring it pretty heavily in the Utah series and reports are it’s worse. Lopez will be a welcome return (hate to say, but even a 50% Lopez is still better than Collins) and should provide a nice spark for the starting 5.

    Oh and I love how that Faker fan Corey kept saying that 2006 has nothing to do with the present, yet still blabbers on about 15 titles (5 of which weren’t even won in LA, just saying) that they won IN THE PAST! Hmmm… Let me talk so the Laker fans can understand: Nash andd Stat is sick! Da Suns is gonna ter u up! Kobe aint gonna do shi t t t. Suns Baby.

    Seriously, Suns in 7 and don’t worry Suns fans, once LA starts losing again, their bandwagon will empty again, just like in 06 and 07.

    • corey butler

      Like I said earlier, you all a desperate for another white superstar. Lary Bird was a long time ago. I understand though.

    • corey butler

      Like I said, you all are desperate for another white superstar. We don’t have to talk about the 14 titles, just the last one–that is more than nash or the suns entire franhise’s history has ever won! And what I meant was the team that the suns beat in 2006 is long gone. Don’t try and twist my words around.

      You all argue like this is Redsox/yankees; Tar heels/blue devils; or celtics/lakers. We are talking about the lakers and the suns……please. since when did this become some type of rivalry?

  • Basketball Fan

    Nash and Kobe are great players, no doubt about it. However, personally, I am a Steve Nash fan since the first time i watched him play for Dallas. I don’t like it when someone disrespects Nash and calls him a choker,pretender and someone who hasn’t proven anything because he HAS proven himself time and time again in so many ways. Nash is Phoenix and he runs the team, carries the team, a player who knows how to finish a game and he is one of the best clutch shooter who has ever played the game and yet you call him a choker? Have you ever seen a player who, even gets injured and bleeds out STILL maintains composure in the Playoff. How can you call him a pretender? Also, whenever Kobe has an off night, I don’t like it that critics makes excuses for him being all banged up, no offense. Kobe is a amazing player, he is the ultimate scorer being so skillful and having four rings, but Nash, has become MVP twice because the aura he possesses that makes everyone around him better and he always knows where and when he must score he is a pure point guard. Where else can you find those kinds of player nowadays? D-Will, CP3, D-Rose are scorers at heart they are more like a two guard then a point guard. Kobe does not have that instinct to really pass the ball but brings something different to the table. Phoenix vs.Lakers is going to be a very good game. If the Suns win it will stretch out in 6 games but if the Lakers do win it will end in 6-7 games. I’m rooting for the Phoenix Suns. People who disrespects great players are fools and does not know anything about the game. The ring on your player’s finger is not an excuse for your insolence.

    • I agree. As good as Nash is, he’s no Derom Williams, nor as qick as Westbrook. No one can tell me they think Nash is better than Williams at this point in their careers. Fisher did an outstanding job of staying in front of Williams for the most part, and I expect the same against Nash. Also Williams causes a bigger problem with his rebounding, where Nash won’t change the game in this category. A 6′3″ Richardson will not average 20 pts per game vs a 6′8″ Kobe Bryant who scored 30 pts per game oand over 50% field goals vs a CJ MIles who is a better defender than Richardson. For Gasol, his last game stat line of 33 pts, 14 rebs, abd 4 blocks doesn’t say soft to me against All-Star Forward Carlos Boozer. Stoudemire may be able to score with Gasol, but he’s not a block shot presence and can’t out-rebound Gasol. Bynum and Lopez are smarting with injuries, but even in last series (where Bynum actually played while Lopez is forced to find a rhythm simular to Nelson in last years finals or Kirilenko in last series) Bynum averaged double figures in rebounds and intimidated over 2 blocks a game. Channing Frye can go outside…great so can Lamar Odom who has cashed in several ket 3-point field goals this playoffs. But Odom can put pressure on Frye’s dismal defense by posting him up and taking him to the hole. Brown is quicker than Drajic, Brown proved he can stay in front of Westbrook which is a tougher guard than Drajic. Dudley is and out of shape three point shooter with no defense. Lakers can match up a 6′8 Walton or a former defensive MVP Ron Artest (who did a wonderful job defending Durant; this years scoring champion) who will forced turnovers on Dudley who’s ball handle isn’t good enough to go 1 on 1 with Artest. Did I cover everything?

    • corey butler

      basketball fan; I must admit it. You have to be the biggest idiot in the history of sports fans. If Kobe had two MVP’s and no rings, you’d be singing an entirely different song. You all must understand that you are not the smartest.

    • corey butler

      Basketball; you don’t think that it is disrespectful toward Kobe and Shaq to have fewer MVP’s than Nash when nash has no rings?

  • corey butler

    I guess this argument is over. Same ole suns. Who is Kobe? the guy who just dropped 40 on the suns in a little more than 3 quarters. I know; I know…th suns will win game 2 on Wed.

  • Hey Chris, what you got to say now?
    Nash looked great last night in his purple and gold face.
    Suns fans can make vacation plans for early June. I hear LA has great tourist sites, and if you plan your trip right, you can watch a parade of champions. vent away phoenix.

    • Txema from Catalunya

      Congratulations to all Lakers fans. LAL played one of the best basketball off all the season and the post-season. It was a game similar like both between Lakers and Suns played in regular Season in Los Angeles. But I think you are wrong with the Suns. You’re wrong if you think that Suns will play so bad all the games of the series. And I think you’re wrong if you think Lakers will repeat three more games playing as Monday. As Steve Nash said to Jared Dudley, Lakers fans, “In the NBA playoffs, when you lose a game it’s like the end of the world and everyone says you’re done and when you win a game it’s like you can’t lose”. Now. Lakers fans think they can’t lose. I’m sure Suns will rise again. And I’m so sure that LAL will not sweep us. My dream: Celtics-Suns in the Finals, like in 1976! Enjoy game 2.

      • corey butler

        Txema; the suns did not play badly in Game 1. that is just an excuse that is going around. Secondy, the lakers do not need to repeat wat they did in game 1 to beat the suns. did boston beat the Magic in game 2 as bad as they beat them in game 1? Did the Magic play as poorly in game 2 as they did in game 1? This may be a big deal to suns fans, but this is just lakers basketball to us. we expect to sweep phoenix.

      • corey butler

        Oh yeah, for all you block heads that said Kobe could not play team ball (eventhough he 4 rings) how about those 13 assists. So much for a selfish player who only thinks of himself. He beat nsh at his own game tonite. What more can you say. Looks like the lakers are the best 3-point shooting team in this series. Oh and our bench has just been terrible hasn’t. And that Odom–another lucky game, go figure.

  • corey butler

    chris’ article soli of trash right now–doesn’t it? and he’s quiet all of a sudden.

  • latehit86

    Someone’s awful quiet today. Someone feels pretty dumb writing this article. Someone “wanna get away”? Someone shoud admit Bill Plaschke was dead on.

    Underestimate the Lakers, and Suns players and fans are going to head early into another painfully long and brutal summer.

    Size matters…

    • corey butler

      Well Chris, we’ll except that apology anytime now. Come on and be a real man and just say that Bill was dead on about this series. No one on this thread can open their mouths at this point in defense of the suns. nash is once again proven that he is no MVP. I think it is a real disgrace that nash has more MVP’s than Kobe, shaq, Wade, Jason Kidd and Isiah Thomas. You all should just fes up. Nash is no MVP.

  • corey butler

    Hey chris, you were right, Nash an Dragic are having field days versus fisher. Somebody should tell you that you need to seek a new profession. And leave Plaschke alone.

  • I’m a bit confused…where did all the suns fans go? where is all the hate on God, I mean Kobe? Phoenix are you there? hello? bueller? bueller?
    Hey Chris, you still writing horrible articles to keep your suns fans reading?
    Oh dem celts have no chance either. Let’s get em boys!

  • Txema from Catalunya

    I live and I was born in the same country as Pau Gasol: we’re both from Catalunya, in the north of the state of Spain, in Europe. I’ll never hate Pau and the Lakers. Pau played in my country team: Futbol Club Barcelona; we speak the same small language, catalan, and we are fans of the soccer team of Barcelona. Many people in Catalunya are Lakers’ fans since Pau left the Grizzlies and went to LA. But not me. I’m very proud to tell you that I was, I am, and I’ll be a Suns’ fan all of my life. Since 1976. In the first appearance in the NBA Finals. With rings or not. With many stars or few. With or without “showtime”. The fans of the Suns are proud on our team this year. It’s difficult to win last year champs. But we enjoy with Steve, Amaré, Jared, Grant, Robin, Louis, Leandrinho and all the Suns Roster. Come on, Suns! Go on, Suns fans! We’ll never be happy with the success, rings and wins of the Lakers. Pau, you are a great player. But I would be happy when your team lose. Lakers fans: we’ll be back to LA in Game 5. I’m sure!

    • corey butler

      Txema: you sound like a complete fool! We already know that the lakers are hated by tons of people just like you. What we don’t like is how you refuse to give them their due before they totally outclass your team. Just because you don’t like a team does not mean that they are not good. The Lakers own 15 titles and Kobe is one of the all-time great players. Don’t try and compare nash to kobe when nash has the distinction of being the only player in the history of his sport to be named MVP and have no finals appearances. And also, only the third point guard to be named MVP (Cousy and Magic) and the other two have 11 titles between them. That is blatant disrespect. The lakers fans have a right to call rank over the suns nation. The Lakers have earned us that right. You all originally talked about how the suns were not the Jazz and how they would eliminate the lakers. Now you are just hoping for a game 5. How about a little humility? You did not bother to mention your connection with Pau before the start of the WCF, so why mention it now? If the lakers when in four games, you’ll just start talking about kobe being a rapist and magic being diagnosed with HIV and how the suns will win the title next year. Just give it a rest. The suns compare the lakers about as well as the Cleveland Browns compare to the Dallas Cowboys. Some things are not arguable and you sound like a fool when you try to argue what is not arguable.

      • Chad

        Oh boy, I sure do hope we get to that game 5. Oh wait, what was that? The Suns have won 2 games? This can’t be possible. That Corey Butler guy was running his mouth about how the Lakers were going to sweep, and we all know how much of a genius he is. You know, how he keeps reiterating at the same point about how Nash has 2 MVPs, no rings. I sure didn’t know that before he brought it up about 10 times. We are not worthy!

  • hahahahaahahahahahaha. I thought so! Enjoy your summer PHX!