Author: Leslie Pico

Leslie Pico

Leslie Pico lives in the heart of downtown and loves life in a high rise raising two kids and two adopted puppies. She freelances by day as a web developer and writes for her own blog at night. The lifelong learner, Leslie is concurrently pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Small Business Administration at NAU and Pre MBA at Harvard Business School, online. She believes it invaluable to raise children in the city and found Phoenix to be the perfect mix of ever expanding cultural resources, architectural heritage and stimulation that everyone should come to know.

Urban Playground | Cradles and Condos

January 5, 2016 | By

A day in the life of a downtown Phoenix family taking urban living with kids to new heights.

Urban Playground | Kids and Urban Transport

November 20, 2015 | By

Familiarizing kids with urban public transportation provides unique learning opportunities and is an investment in the next generation of city dwellers.

Urban Playground | Kids and Dogs in Downtown

October 9, 2015 | By

Owning a dog can be an invaluable experience for a child and downtown Phoenix offers plenty to create an urban playground for city kids and their pups.

Urban Playground | Raising Kids in Downtown

September 11, 2015 | By

DPJ’s Urban Playground series explores the experience of raising children in the heart of our downtown core.