Downtown Phoenix never fails to surprise and delight. DPJ’s Live PHX series captures the moments that illustrate why we love life in our city.


Colorful waves of carved wooden boards combine to create pop-up art piece Peritoneum. Photo by Lauren Potter.

Around just about every corner in downtown Phoenix you can find some form of art. While some pieces are harder to find, others catch your eye from afar–inviting you in for a closer look.

If you’ve visited the Roosevelt Row arts district in downtown Phoenix for Artlink’s First Friday or Third Friday events, you may have seen Peritoneum, a colorful public art piece created by a team of ASU students. The sculpture was relocated from Tempe to its current location in The Lot: What Should Go Here pocket park by the student designers and downtown Phoenix advocates in 2012.

The piece, which is reminiscent of a ribcage, acts as a shade structure, seating and photography hot spot. From a distance, it’s certainly intriguing, but it’s when you step inside that you can truly experience the colorful, curved wooden panels that creatively catch the desert sun.