Downtown Phoenix never fails to surprise and delight. DPJ’s Live PHX series captures the moments that illustrate why we love life in our city.

Encanto Park. Photo by Courtney McCune.

Encanto Park. Photo by Courtney McCune.

There are certain locations in central Phoenix that instantly make you feel like you’ve traveled to a completely different place. The patio at Encanto Park‘s historic clubhouse is one of those locations. This recent photo captures the view from the patio during that golden hour when our stunning Arizona sunsets take center stage.

The medley of reflective water, soaring palm trees and lush green grass present a scene more tropical than desert and one you won’t find anywhere else downtown. When the weather is just right, you might even convince yourself that you’re exploring a park in San Diego or an island in Hawaii. Of course with the Midtown skyline and views of Camelback Mountain in the distance, you are also reminded that this beautiful view is truly, uniquely Phoenix.

  • Clandestino ForLE

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