Downtown Phoenix never fails to surprise and delight. DPJ’s Live PHX series captures the moments that illustrate why we love life in our city.

DT Post Office Edited

Construction on the Downtown Phoenix Post Office was completed in 1936. At that time, the building was not even considered to be in downtown, being located many blocks north of what was considered the center of town. Despite its “far flung“ location at 522 N. Central Avenue, residents of the city at the time counted on the local Post Office to be the main hub for receiving and sending letters and parcels. 

Today, the downtown Post Office building still serves as a hub – not only to the ASU students whose support programs are housed there, but also for locals who have a PO Box at this location. When using one of their PO Boxes for your mailing address, you build an additional layer of community. You create relationships with the postal workers (my favorite are Hal and Chuck, who combined have over 50 years at the USPS!) You also have an automatic connection to the people who have relied on this building and its services for the past 80 years. Checking your mail here becomes a scheduled routine and another opportunity to experience a piece of downtown Phoenix history.

And another cool historical bonus: if you are lucky enough to have a PO Box at this location, you are likely to have one of Phoenix’s first zip codes: 85001 or 85002. It is understandable that “living phoenix” is bigger than just a zip code, but having a PO Box in downtown Phoenix certainly provides a unique sense of belonging.