In DPJ’s Street Style PHX series, Kammie Kobyleski hits the streets in search of the looks that define our city style.

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“Some of us were born to play it safe and some of us were born to raise hell…” -Free and Co.

There’s no lack of holiday markets in downtown Phoenix to source locally made and handcrafted gifts for the holidays (did you SEE our Market Madness posts?) So naturally I ventured out to many of them in search of this week’s Street Style Muse.

I dragged along a friend of mine who lives in North Phoenix and was surprised when we arrived at Heritage Square for Phoenix Flea and she said, “Oh my GAWD. Look at all the hipsters.” I was like, “What do you mean?” “People just don’t look like this where I live” (Friends, she lives only about 20 minutes north of downtown). I just laughed and said, “Don’t feed the animals.” It was really interesting because I’m used to the hipsters, the wanna-be hipsters, the boho-yoga-mamas, the retro cats and kittens, the recent infusion of a Biltmore/Scottsdale vibe and an eclectic and funky mix of homegrown, native locals. I love our downtown mix and went ga-ga when I spotted my latest muses.

Meet Tim and Tegan…


What are your names?
Tim & Tegan Bradshaw

What’s your occupation?
Creators/owners and designers of The Free & Co. a men’s and boy’s clothing and accessories brand.

Where in PHX do you live?
We live in Central Phoenix.

Where are you from originally?
Him:  Born and raised in Long Beach, California.
Her:  Born in San Diego, California, raised all over the United States from Minnesota to Connecticut to Boston through Arizona back to California where the two of us met and continued on this great journey. We’ve both been calling Arizona home since 2013!


If you could raid one style icon’s closet, who would it be?
Much of what we wear and what we try and represent with our brand is a bohemian, vagabond, Rock & Roll lifestyle, from the 1960’s and 70’s era. Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, Ozzy…all that lived and survived the Sunset Strip in the mid to late 1960’s and 70’s have greatly influenced our designs and style.

What are your favorite places in PHX to shop? Online? Brands?
We love to get out on the road and find the little flea markets throughout the valley and see what kind of clothes, jewelry and other accessories are out there. And we always love seeing whats new at the Union shops at the Biltmore.

How has living in PHX influenced your style?
We’ve both had an obsession with southwestern jewelry (turquoise, the sky stone) for many years and now we’re at the source.  It would seem that our style and passion for rock & roll, the southwest and the bohemian lifestyle has collided with Phoenix in a way it was always meant to be.


What are you wearing?
Tim: Shirt: The Free & Co. with an old denim shirt over it. Denim: Levis. Boots: Red Wing Iron Rangers. Rings: The Great Frog, vintage Navajo silver and turquoise.
Tegan:  Jacket: vintage. Scarf: Free People. Denim: Paige. Boots: vintage. Jewels: vintage turquoise.

Tim and Tegan are the real deal and they just ooze the Free and Co brand. In a world full of wannabes and has been’, it was refreshing to meet these delightful, down-to-earth, rock and roll badasses. I couldn’t be more supportive of who they are and what their brand represents. A mash-up of southwestern boho, 60’s and 70’s rock and roll, and old school Americana badass. These two truly are living the American dream.

You can find more at: or follow them on social: Instagram, Tumblr and Pinterest: @Thefreeandco

Photos by Kammie Kobyleski.
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