In DPJ’s Street Style PHX series, Kammie Kobyleski hits the streets in search of the looks that define our city style.

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“Style is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself.” -Nina Garcia

First Friday’s in the fall in Phoenix (alliteration much?), are fantastic for people watching, but this past First Friday was spectacular. My 11-year-old niece and I had a girly date planned, so first we hit the Frida Exhibit at the Heard Museum. While we saw many savvy fashionistas (who, like us, couldn’t resist purchasing a floral headband that Frida was famous for wearing,) I didn’t find my Street Style muse there.

We decided to stroll over to the Phoenix Art Museum from there, where we debated hopping on the trolley for an arts district tour, or heading in to look around. Happily we decided to head into the museum where several fashion exhibits and pop up shows competed for our attention.

We hit the Street Style jackpot while walking through The White Shirt According to Me. Gianfranco Ferre exhibit (You MUST go. Even the displays themselves are works of art – it’s decadent and divine.) where I spotted this super savvy couple that embody our quirky Phoenix style. I told my niece I was going to make some new friends and introduced myself to this charming couple.


What’s your name? Him: Steven Kahrs Her: Patricia Kahrs –my brand new name! (We just got married in Oct. – I wish you’d seen us then we had fabulous clothes!)

What’s your occupation? Him: IT Geek at an engineering/manufacturing site. We work in the same building. Her: Ditto

Where in PHX do you live? Mesa.

Where are you from originally? Him: Farmville, Ohio Her: Long Island, NY

How has living in PHX influenced your style? Him: I’ve lived out here since I was a little boy, so this city shaped me from the start. Her: Well, after 20 years of living here, I’ve finally given up on the mandatory wearing of hosiery with skirts/dresses. Just can’t happen after April or May. That and an appreciation for natural fibers, I guess. Perhaps I need to get downtown more?

If you could raid a one style icons closet, who would it be? Him: Since I’m tall and thin, Steve McQueen’s would be nice. I’d also fill the rest with suits and sport coats and a few great versatile shoes. Her: Wow, it depends on the day! Recently I’ve been drawn to the vintage 50’s era, so let’s just say a typical glamorous wardrobe from then. But, on any given day I’ll look at another era or even just one person (there was a particularly well-put together family at MIMfest this year –mom and 2 kids – looked absolutely *perfect*) and I’ll wish I could dress like them.

What are your favorite places in PHX to shop? Online? Brands? Him: Stein Mart and Men’s Warehouse for local shops, but I’m starting to experiment with online shops. Her: I mostly shop online these days. As I said I’ve gotten a tad addicted to the whole pinup era and style. True vintage is not easily found for my height/measurements so I’ve been buying ‘retro-styled’ brands. It’s given me a whole new appreciation for my curves. My bookmarks and Pinterest are full of that stuff now, PUG (Pinup Girl Clothing,) Modcloth, etc.

What are you wearing? Him: Levi’s 559 cut jeans (the bedrock of my wardrobe), J.Ferrer sateen cotton dress shirt, Adelchi square toed casual black shoes. Her: The dress is by Collectif Clothing, their ‘Violet’ Leopard Chiffon dress, simple black patent Mary Jane shoes by Kenneth Cole. The Damascene earrings *are* vintage, but I’ve no idea whose make they are.

Thanks to Steven and Patricia for being such good sports after I stalked them at the museum. I just had to snap these two charming examples of PHX street style!

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 Photos by Kammie Kobyleski.

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