How did you spend your summer vacation?

The Breadfruit and Rum Bar owner Dwayne Allen may have you beat. Watch the video below and learn how this business owner spent time in his homeland of Jamaica.

Dwayne and co-owner Danielle Leoni were the gracious August edition hosts of RadiatePHX (the monthly salon series hosted by Urban Affair, publishers of DPJ). Their warm hospitality made it a memorable evening.

If you haven’t tried The Breadfruit, go!

If you haven’t tried The Rum Bar located next door, (1) drop everything, (2) forget everything you thought you knew about rum, and (3) do everything you can to find your way to this comfortable bar in the heart of our city.

Don’t think we forgot our featured speaker Mark Dudlik’s talk about the upcoming Phoenix Design Week(s) in Downtown Phoenix. Stay tuned for the rundown of information he provided, or, better yet, check out the events currently slated to celebrate Phoenix’s design community.

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