I started out this week in search of a good place to watch the game while devouring a good burger and a cold beer. Also, it might be nice if the desired locale was close to the light rail. Just in case I wanted to go on a post-burger adventure.

Portland’s rests unassumingly on the corner of Portland Street and Central Avenue. You might drive right past it, but you would be missing out. This quiet, dimly lit restaurant is the perfect place to get a good, quiet meal, or, if you desire, to sit at the bar and root on the Suns. On this visit, I chose the latter.

My eyes scanned the menu for the perfect description of grilled ground beef and bun. They landed on the Metro Burger. This entrée is described as “the burger for the light rail travelers.” So, my curiosity takes over.

The Metro arrives, and it is ginormous. It is slathered with barbecue sauce and topped with fried onions. Resting to the side are some exquisite-looking Cajun fries. I dive in, and each bite is delectable and filling. I wash down each one with the $3 special Shiner Blonde. I literally attack the fries. They are some of the best Cajun fries I have ever had. They pair perfectly with the juiciness of the burger, slightly mellowing the fiery Cajun flavor.

I must admit that I gave it my best shot, but I was unable to finish the thing off. But, I can now see why this is the burger of the light rail traveler. Once you eat it, you need a ride to get you somewhere because of the coma-inducing fullness you are experiencing.

Portland’s is located at 105 W. Portland St. — light rail station at Roosevelt/Central. (602) 795.7480