As of this morning, METRO has enacted an Adopt-A-Station initiative along the light rail line. During the press conference, which took place at the Roosevelt/Central station (aka “Arts District” station), Mesa Vice Mayor and METRO Board Vice Chairman Kyle Jones boasted that Mesa’s lone stop at Main and Sycamore is the busiest of any of the rail stations, much to the chagrin of Phoenix Vice Mayor and METRO Board Chairman Tom Simplot. (Simplot argued that 19th and Montebello, the line’s “first” station, is by far the busiest.) Though fisticuffs didn’t ensue, a staged challenge between the Mesan and the Phoenician was presented: During September, if Mesa’s line proves to indeed be the busiest, Simplot will personally maintain the station’s appearance. The same goes for Jones and the Montebello station. Game on!

While these shenanigans play out, there’s business to attend to. Specifically, local business. Downtown has stations that need neighborhood sponsors. Here are my suggestions. Let me know what you want.

  • Camelback/Central station: There’s a cluster of great, quirky business on the northwest corner of this intersection. Stinkweeds, Frances, Smeeks, Red Hot Robot: I’m looking at you guys.
  • Campbell/Central station: It’s not like Lux or Pane Bianco need the press, but you can’t deny that these two spots bring vibrancy to this intersection. I’d be fine with Lux baristas pouring cappuccinos, then running outside to sweep up debris from last night’s storm.
  • Indian School/Central station: I guess the fight club/storage facility got demolished. So, that’s out. How about Steele Indian School Park? It’s one of the city’s biggest parks, yet one of its hidden gems.
  • Osborn/Central station: Tossup between Phoenix Country Club and Encanto Park. Golfing downtown, anyone?
  • Thomas/Central station: The hospital will probably win out here. Either that or Phillips and Associates. They’re everywhere.
  • Encanto/Central station: We need the Heard to take this, right?
  • McDowell/Central station: I’d prefer Thai Hut take this. Can we somehow make this happen?
  • Roosevelt/Central station: The obvious answers here would be NBC 12, Fair Trade Café or Portland’s. But, how about Portland Place lofts, with several units in escrow and a bankrupt developer, getting its name out there? Any advertising would help!
  • Van Buren/Central and Van Buren/1st Avenue stations: I’m sure Michael Crow already put in his bid.
  • Washington/Central and Jefferson/Central: Hello, CityScape.
  • Washington/3rd Street and Jefferson/3rd Street: The Phoenix Suns are going to need as much money coming in as possible this season with the way things are looking. Take that into consideration, Robert Sarver.

Anyone have any other thoughts?