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Meet Paul “AZHardball” Martinez

June 10, 2009 | By

Paul Martinez transformed his childhood affinity for America’s favorite pastime into a prominent Phoenix baseball blog. A self-employed project manager for web projects, Martinez’s passion for baseball began with weekend games with his father. During the week, his Martinez’s dad had a long commute to and from work, so going to baseball games became their… Read more

Phoenix Market Open 5 Days A Week

June 5, 2009 | By

Attention shoppers! The first grocery store to open in downtown Phoenix in nearly 30 years is taking shape.

On a recent afternoon, a crew worked on plumbing and electrical systems for the 2,000-square-foot store, which is expected to open sometime in August. Soon they will bring in refrigerated cases, ovens and other kitchen equipment, said Alan McLaughlin, the store’s general manager.

“We will source everything local,” he said, including meat, milk and cheese. “This will be a hangout place in the neighborhood.”

The $475,000 project is an offshoot of the popular, biweekly Phoenix Public Market, which is run by the non-profit Community Food Connections.

Obama arrives for commencement

May 15, 2009 | By

Okay, so it’s not exactly downtown Phoenix, but our very own Evan Wyloge got an up-close view of POTUS arriving for his speech at ASU. Great pictures of both the plane and Mr. President himself. Nice to see some good press coming out of this visit, after Jon Stewart lampooned ASU just a few days… Read more

Pickle me this

May 8, 2009 | By

Sure, OVO knows branding. Yes, Kyle Hildebrant knows how to run a company. But he also knows pickles. Yes, pickles. As in wasabi-soy and a bunch of other flavors I can’t even remember. He’s the only dude I know who can pull off self-canned pickles and multiple flavors of meatballs at a fancy party. Good… Read more

Civic Space during the day

May 6, 2009 | By

Well, it’s in the mid-90s, and many of us are thinking of hibernating for the summer. Surprisingly, there were about 15 people in the Civic Space in the middle of the day today, most using the shade of trees for what looked like napping. Most of the people looked homeless, so they may have been… Read more

Checkers/Chess tourney at Civic Space?

April 26, 2009 | By

The new Civic Space has tables for checkers or chess. While this seemed ridiculous at first, well, now not so much. Tournament. The very first downtown Phoenix checkers (or chess, if you’re all smartypants) tournament, to be held evenings at Civic Space on Tuesdays/Thursdays. 8pm? Yeah? Who’s with us?

PCDF in Pictures

April 25, 2009 | By

Featuring designers, drinks and dining, nearly 200 people descended on the Anchor Building in downtown Phoenix to check out the latest in art and design. Check back for pics gathered from revelers.

Third Fridays at Roosevelt Station

April 23, 2009 | By

Get it on everybody. Get it on.

Grand Opening Of Civic Space

April 18, 2009 | By

Looks like the Civic Space is going to be a success, as hundreds of students, residents and curious visitors stopped by to celebrate the grand opening on April 16. There were giveaways, contests and a concert for the lucky attendees. See below for images.

Patience is a virtue

April 16, 2009 | By

Well, it’s here. The long-awaited, often-delayed and somewhat-controversial flying netting now graces the sky above our soon-to-be-open Civic Space park. Her Secret Is Patience, while certainly pretty at night, is missing something. Great art should evoke some sort of emotion, whether its wonder or disgust, but all the giant fish net evokes is, well, questions…. Read more