DPJ’s Suns Spot blog series features a fan’s perspective of Phoenix’s first major league sports franchise.

I’m excited about the upcoming Phoenix Suns season, more excited than I have been in years. Not because I expect them to win a championship. In fact, they’ll be hard pressed to make the playoffs. I’m excited because it seems like they finally have the right combination of talented and passionate leadership on the sidelines, an infusion of exciting young talent on the court, and most importantly, a vision for future success.

Suns-logoLike this year’s version of the Suns, I’m equally excited about the new leaders that are rising in our downtown. We have business owners, entrepreneurs and artists with vision, committed to making downtown a thriving community.

We also have skilled and dedicated advocates working hard to help achieve this vision. Through their efforts, more emerging companies are bringing their businesses downtown, the universities continue to introduce more young, talented people to the downtown experience, and more residential options are being built for them to enjoy a true work-live-play lifestyle.

The Suns and our downtown community have made missteps along the way that have set them back. Both will continue to suffer growing pains as they navigate their way. But both continually strive to right the course, laying the groundwork through hard work, a commitment to community and a vision for the future. If they stay the course, they will both ultimately achieve long-term, sustainable success.