In DPJ’s Street Style PHX series, Kammie Kobyleski hits the streets in search of the looks that define our city style.

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“I say dress to please yourself. Listen to your inner muse and take a chance. Wear something that says ‘Here I am!’ today.” -Iris Apfel

With everyone from students to professionals and anyone in between roaming the streets of our city, there is no shortage of eye-catching looks to be found in downtown Phoenix. This week’s Street Style muse caught our eye at the Phoenix Community Alliance Annual Meeting and Center City Starr Awards at the Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel. Here is what local real estate broker and fashionista Cyndy Gaughan had to say about Phoenix fashion and her own personal style.


What’s your name? Cyndy Gaughan

What do you do? (Not your Grandfather’s) Commercial Real Estate Broker

Where in PHX do you live? The one, the only, Coronado!

Where are you from originally? Cleveland (rocks!), Ohio

If you could raid a one style icon’s closet, who would it be? Katharine Hepburn, hands down.


Why are you drawn to their style? Ah, her style ranges from classically dramatic with edges and angles to menswear then to fluid and easy. And what I wouldn’t give for her waistline and cheekbones! My personal style is much more eclectic. You may catch me on the rare occasion looking like I did today, then again I am more likely to be wearing knee high boots, skinny jeans, a funky sweater, some of my mom’s old jewelry, a motorcycle jacket I bought in the Castro, and a hippie bag backpack from India (which may just become my trademark).

What are your favorite places in PHX to shop?  Ha ha!  Here’s where I get outed. I’m a HUGE consignment store shopper. My philosophy is, “Why pay retail when you can practically steal designer stuff?” My first stop is always My Sister’s Closet. I once bought a pristine Dolce & Gabbana suit there for $100. Wore the hell out of it. I’ve gotten good shoe deals at Last Chance (I only buy shoes there that haven’t been worn, though.) I like Flo’s on 7th, the Rack, and Cost Plus, too. Truth is, I shop more like a man. I know what I want, dash in, find and buy it or not, and dash out. Done.  Shopping is not entertainment for me. If I could pay someone to shop for me, I would!

Online? Not so much. At 5’10”, I have a problem finding anything long enough so I pretty much have to try everything on before buying. I hate returning clothes.

Brands? Brands, schmands! No loyalty, whatsoever. I’m about whatever is well-made, flattering, fits (or can be altered), and is super-practical or makes a statement I want to make.


How has living in PHX influenced or changed your style? I dress much more casually here than I would in Cleveland. Although it’s a Midwest city, people dress more like “Back East” there. As a commercial real estate broker with a Central City, individual and small syndicate focus, I’m most often in places like The Triangle Neighborhood, Warehouse District, and RoRo. My haunts are anything from construction sites and hip, cutting-edge projects with nascent developers to local coffee shops where I can have a meaningful meeting, between downtown and uptown. Casual works.

What are you wearing?   Clothes: simple little black dress with long sleeves and square neckline by Moda Int’l; maroon ribbed shawl sweater by Grace Elements; and crazy black striped stockings by Victoria’s Secret. (I was afraid they’d be too radical for the Phoenix Community Alliance Annual Meeting Luncheon, but they’re me.) Jewelry: my mom’s pearl choker necklace, grey pearl stud earrings. Shoes: black patent stiletto heeled pumps by Vince Camuto. It wasn’t in the picture but I had with me the coolest little black felted clutch, which I love, that my artist friend Katie Reed made for me.

Photos by Lauren Potter.
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