MyPlanPHX combines an online website and community outreach meetings to provide an opportunity for residents of Phoenix to help shape the future of Phoenix through two very important projects: the General Plan update and planning for the communities along the light rail line (ReinventPHX).

The General Plan is the long-range planning guide for the city. It addresses a variety of issues, including neighborhoods, sustainability, public facilities, transportation, and many more. MyPlanPhoenix provides residents with the opportunity to listen and collaborate with one another about what they love about Phoenix now and what they hope to create for the future. The website and community outreach meetings began in April 2012, and more than 13,000 Phoenicians have contributed to date.

The interim report for MyPlanPHX is now available. Check out the executive summary, which provides an overview of public feedback, including the Five Big Ideas that everyone agrees are the guiding principles for building the Phoenix we want. Want to read the entire Interim Report and Community Update? Download the PDF here.