Here at DPJ, we’re all about sharing what we love. Beyond the stories that make us love downtown, we often come across things that catch our eye, tingle our senses or have us dancing in delight. “We Like…” turns a brief spotlight on the little treasures that make our day, with helpful links so you can share in the fun.

This cool bookcase was a recent find at Retro Ranch, one of downtown Phoenix’s inspiring vintage shops found in the Melrose District along 7th Ave.  The shop is full of treasures, such as this one-of-kind bookcase that doesn’t have an identifying label or stamp.  To this shopper, the lack of a label simply adds to its mysterious allure.

The bookcase consists of three pieces that stack on top of each other, including an extended shelf perfect for displaying an eye-popping vintage phone.  I like the dark wood with its antique appearance, but I love the unique patina that results from a scattering of worn spots. Maybe it’s a look that only a true vintage collector could adore, but I think you might feel the same way!

Another find included these blue gray “Zodiac” pointed-toe ankle boots that I discovered in the clothing section. Yes, that’s right – Retro Ranch has a clothing section full of irreplaceable shoes, frocks and accessories that will inspire anyone to get up in the morning and pull together a dynamic new look.

I like the gently worn 80’s vibe of these boots, which makes them a perfect accessory to simple, or a more polished look.  This label is seemingly no longer in production, which is all the more reason to browse through Retro Ranch for more undiscovered beauties!


Retro Ranch, 4303 N. 7th Ave., 602-297-1971

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