Name: Megan Corona

Occupation: 4th grade teacher

Her Neighborhood: Historic Roosevelt

What are some of your favorite places downtown? We are on our way to Cibo right now for brunch. I love Crescent Ballroom and Seamus is always good.

How often do you bike? I work early so I usually drive but when the weather is nice I like getting out on my bike.

What is your typical biking ensemble?  I don’t really change the way I dress to bike. I might switch my shoes to flats but I’ll wear a dress.


What she’s wearing: 

•  Shoes and dress from Urban Outfitters
•  Necklace was a gift purchased at Frances
•  Ring purchased from vendor set up at a table at Lost Leaf who made it custom on the spot



Her biking essentials:

•  Bike by Six Three Zero
•  Satchel
•  Light
•  Chapstick