Name: Megan Salisbury

Occupation: Student at ASU Downtown, Intern at Arizona Coalition to End Homelessness, Volunteer

Her Neighborhood: Medlock Place

What you love about downtown? The diversity of the community. The fact I don’t have to drive to get my everyday needs met, and it seems like most everyone I interact with is committed to buying local, and finding creative solutions to the changing society (such as with Valley of the Sunflowers). I like the urban component, the murals, the coffee shops, and the fact I can walk to great dining, an improv theatre, and my mechanic without trouble.

Favorite Places Downtown: Hula’s, Tammie Coe, PostinoTwirl.

How you are involved in the community? I do a lot of work with the homeless. I am passionate about ending homelessness and aspire to live in a community where we can all have our basic needs met.

General biking ensemble: I tend to travel light because I’m clumsy. I definitely don’t wear flip flops while biking. I’ve learned my lesson with that.

Biking essentials:

  • Vintage Schwinn Breeze – scored at a yard sale
  • Helmet – Nutcase bought on clearance from REI
  • Hello Kitty Bell – gift and tribute to a friend who passed away last year
  • Light- headlamp fastened to the basket

What she’s wearing:

  • Shirt and pants from Goodwill
  • Shoes – simple flats from REI
  • Earrings from Frances