DPJ’s Bike Chic series by Nathan Simpson. You may see him around town scouting locals who not only ride their bikes but look dapper doing it.

Name: Andria Bunnell (“Dre” to her friends)

Occupation: Bartender/ server at Gallo Blanco and Beckett’s Table

Her Neighborhood: Historic Roosevelt

Favorite places in Downtown Phoenix: I hang out at the The Lost Leaf a lot. I’m also a super foodie. I love St. Francis and Federal Pizza.

Favorite thing about living in Downtown Phoenix: I like going out on my bike at night. I ride around the jail and government buildings where the streets are empty. It feels like your own city.

How do you get involved in your community? I sing in a band (Hot Birds and the Chili Sauce). Every few months we have a jam session at our house. We put out flyers and invite everyone in the neighborhood. I’m really proud of the events because they promote community and bring people together and promote some of what the city has to offer.



What she’s wearing:








Her biking essentials:

  • Bike salvaged from alley
  • Front and rear baskets
  • Bike repairs done by Derrick at Hood Ride