Guest contributor Cory Kincaid requests the community’s attendance at a City Council meeting where a liquor license application will be considered for the property on the southeast corner of Roosevelt and 7th Streets. The resources shared provide insight into the community’s position.

The Garfield Neighborhood has declared their opposition to a liquor license application submitted to the City of Phoenix by Circle K. Photo by Jason Garcia.

As you may know, Circle K is attempting to secure a liquor license for a proposed development of a 16-pump station on the Southeast corner of 7th St and Roosevelt. Impacted community organizations have spoken out in unified concern and opposition to this liquor license. This includes the Garfield Organization, Evans Churchill Community Association, Downtown Voices Coalition, Thunderdome Neighborhood Association, Roosevelt Row CDC, Concord Eastridge (developers of Roosevelt Point), Phoenix Community Alliance, St. Croix Homeowners Association and numerous other residents, property owners, and small businesses. The Artisan Village Board of Directors has also vigorously opposed this on behalf of our concerned homeowners.

A key City Council meeting is coming up this week and you can help in a very simple, but specific, way.

The City Council will making a recommendation either FOR or AGAINST state approval of the liquor license at 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 19.

Circle K, concerned over the outpouring of community opposition, has begun pumping corporate money into a campaign they call “Friends of Circle K.” This lobbyist-run campaign has brought in people to canvass our neighborhoods, generated misleading marketing materials, and has offered free food, t-shirts and transportation to the upcoming city council meeting to anyone interested in an effort to give an appearance of community support.

Our community organizations do not have the resources to mount a costly corporate campaign. We are relying on the presence of our friends and neighbors like you at the Council meeting.

The most important action you can take is to attend, sign in using one of the green comment cards (I suggest you note “Opposed to the Circle K liquor license”), and stay through this agenda item. Filling out a card does not require you to speak.

Phoenix City Council Meeting
When: 5:00 p.m. Wednesday, December 19th
Where: City Council Chambers , 200 W. Washington (the small round building)

Please share this message with as many friends and neighbors as you can. We need to make it clear this is the wrong development in the wrong place in the wrong community.

If you would like additional information about why the community so stridently opposes this development, please refer to the below.


•    Garfield Organization Implores “Save Our Downtown Neighborhood”
•    ASU – A Multi-City Report on Crime and Disorder in Convenience Stores
•    AZCentral study on the ASU study
•    Garfield Neighborhood’s Urgent Bulletin (PDF download)
•    Garfield Neighborhood’s Letter of Opposition (PDF download)