Reshape your body, reshape your life.

Skullpt classes at SuTRA Midtown offer an opportunity to tighten and tone through a high-energy workout designed to deliver fast results.

Owner Rebecca Fritz helped create the program and said the class mixes Pilates, athletic conditioning and ballet. Because it’s an intense full-body workout, Fritz said people are often surprised by the difficulty of these classes.

“When we’re teaching the class, we offer different modifications if it’s too hard or not hard enough,” she said. “But we didn’t want to dumb it down. We want people to see how strong they can get and how fast they can see results.”

Fritz added that using props like weighted balls, resistance bands and magic circles makes her class unique and adds to the challenge of this workout. However, formulating the Skullpt class took several rounds of trial and error.

Owners Matthew and Rebecca Fritz. Photo courtesy of SuTRA Midtown.

“Really, it was an evolution,” Fritz said. “We started with just a ballet barre class, but I wanted something harder so people would be able to see faster results. Then we had the idea of adding in the props and putting in some new, different class styles. That worked.”

Skullpt classes are one hour and consist of a warm-up, a barre workout, ballet conditioning, resistance bands exercises, a core and upper body mat workout, and then stretching to cool down.

The instructors like to mix up each class just a bit so each workout is a little different, Fritz said. However, she added that the overall goal stays the same.

“We want to sculpt the body,” she said. “People are losing pounds, losing inches, cinching waistlines. It’s just great.”

SuTRA Midtown also offers special deals through September in celebration of National Yoga Month, including a free week of classes for new students. Yogies are also encouraged to try out Rooftop Yoga and Sutra in the Park for some unique twists on the typical yoga class.

Visit the SuTRA Midtown website for a full schedule of classes.