With the launch of the fashion department at DPJ, the need for interns is critical. We are thrilled to introduce our interns, Cortney Kaminsk and Thuy An Bui, both students at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

During their internships, Cortney and Thuy An will be running around town assisting photo shoots, pulling samples and blogging for DPJ, all while documenting their experiences via Twitter on the fashion department’s account, @Seamless_AZ.

Name: Cortney Kaminski
Age: 20
Hometown: Glendale, Arizona
College: Arizona State University
Major: Journalism (Print)

Why are you excited to work in the fashion department of the Downtown Phoenix Journal?
One reason, I am working directly under Corbin who is quite a name in the industry. Two, with this internship I am able to gain hands-on experience, which is extremely valuable in this industry. Three, since the Journal is a fairly young publication, it is exciting to be able to get on board early and really be involved in every aspect of it.

How did you break into the internship?
It is all quite a blur as everything really happened quickly. I mean on Tuesday morning I was sitting on a bench interviewing with Corbin, and then Thursday I was laying out accessories at the cover photo shoot.

What was your first day on the job like?
My first day was quite nerve-racking but thrilling at the same time. It was a great day to start on, being that there was a shoot. It was only my second time at one and it was definitely exciting to be able to actually work with the stylist and assist throughout the shoot, I just wish I didn’t have to leave early for class.

What are some of your responsibilities at DPJ?
Working at DPJ is a different experience, in the way where I don’t feel I have a ton of certain responsibilities. It is more of an “assist here” or “write this” type of internship. Of course, there will be the usual fact-checking, interviews and writing, but I also am able to be at the photo shoots and really be hands-on. I also am able to help with the DPJ fashion section’s social media, which is always a fun yet a little daunting task. When you just start out in a new work environment the first few weeks are always more dipping your toes into the water until you get a feel for how everyone works there.

Favorite designers?
Alexander McQueen. I have always sworn that when I get my first big pay check the first thing I will buy will be an Alexander McQueen piece. A few other notables would have to be Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Piccioli of Valentino, Giles Deacon of Ungaro and Matthew Williamson. I will definitely be adorned with these designer frocks in the future!

Name: Thuy An Bui
Age: 19
Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
College: Arizona State University
Major: Journalism (Print) and Design Studies

Why are you excited to work in the fashion department of the Downtown Phoenix Journal?
I’m unbelievably excited to be involved in a flourishing community like Downtown Phoenix where fashion still thrives among us. I’m looking forward to gaining a firsthand experience by observing the inner workings of the fashion department at DPJ.

How did you break into the internship?
I heard about it from the VP of the Fashion Journalist Club at ASU and decided to simply apply.

What was your first day on the job like?
Fun! Nothing like the usual paperwork signing but instead, we jumped right into helping with a photo shoot. I mainly helped the stylist by organizing the beautiful clothes and accessories and dressing the models. It was inspiring to see how everything played out and what process everyone has to go through.

What are some of your responsibilities at DPJ?
My job ranges from a spectrum of different tasks including assisting with the fashion photo shoots, updating and maintaining the twitter account @Seamless_AZ and and assisting Corbin, the Fashion Editor of DPJ.