(Pacifico invited the DPJ to the HoodRide party AND gave everyone there a head-mounted GoPro.)

After five cities, five distinct kegs and a summer of really cool stories, Pacifico Adventures on Tap finally made it back home. They swung by Downtown Phoenix in early July to stop at Derrick Pacheco’s HoodRide long enough to create one helluva mural and customized Phoenix keg.

Notice the tasty taco ingredients they were chopping up there? Yeah, they were serving carne asada street tacos all night. But back to the keg. Designed by native Arizonan Brooke Grucella, the Phoenix keg was the first created.

In a time when advertising is either interrupting what we’re doing or forcing us to wait 30 seconds to watch a video, it’s refreshing to see a brand eschew traditional techniques and go right to where their fans are. Here’s to you, Pacifico, glad to see you’re on tap.

You’re welcome back in Downtown Phoenix any time. Next one is on us.