Fry bread is one of the most glorious, versatile and delicious things I have discovered since moving to Arizona. So, I decided that I would try it outside of the Arizona State Fair and venture to one of the most notable places around for it: The Fry Bread House.

My appetite was considerable this fine day, and a quick jaunt to the Melrose Curve was in order. Since I’m not much for shopping, eating was definitely my modus operandi.

The Fry Bread House is known all over for its delectable fry bread. I figured that I could be a good judge of just how good it is.
I moseyed through the doors and immediately had a hankerin’ for whatever was making those sweet smells. My eyes landed on the Joedd Special — a bowl of red chile stew and fry bread.

The service was extremely friendly, and my server affirmed my decision by actually suggesting it before I ordered it. Obviously, the Joedd Special is pretty popular.

The first bites of the red chile stew were heavenly. The shredded beef bites were tender and seasoned to perfection. The spicy broth was savory indeed; my tastebuds were delighted to be coated in it.

As for the fry bread, it was crispy and soft in all the right ways. Each bite held surprisingly strong flavor and a delicate texture.

This visit to a Phoenix institution only confirmed my suspicions: Dear reader, I can devour mountains of fry bread. Given that the fry bread covered in cinnamon and sugar looked extremely delicious, I will return as soon as I have room for dessert.

The Fry Bread House is located at 4140 N. 7th Ave. in Melrose (light rail station at 7th Ave./Camelback) — 602.351.2345