This week I was poised for a nice refreshing drink that would echo of the forthcoming autumn season. Fortunately, Fair Trade Café was offering its own delicious take on two of my favorite things: peach cobbler and iced lattes.

I must admit that I am a sucker for a good coffee shop. I like a place to rest on my laurels and take in the collective creative spirit that seems to permeate the room. So, Fair Trade is a natural Sips and Grub hangout.

Upon walking across the threshold, I was met with a boho-chic combo of lounging couches and tables, and with the smells of hot sandwiches and brewing coffee.

Conveniently enough, the writing was literally on the wall, in colored chalk — “Peach Cobbler Latte.” Since it contained the word “peach,” I had no other choice in the matter. I ordered it iced (this is Phoenix after all) and I quietly took my place at my small round table in the corner.

The barista shouted my name to beckon me to my drink and revealingly offered that mine was the first one he had made. My hopes were unwavered. After all, who can mess up anything peach flavored?

The first sip was all that I needed to longingly remember fall days eating peach cobbler in my Nanny’s living room. This drink was iced deliciousness in a desert land. I’m aware that it was probably some peach syrup poured generously into a regular latte, and perhaps it was my subconscious pushing the flavors to great heights, but it was extremely amazing.

I dare you to go try it, with an open mind, and not reminisce about the last time you had some good peach cobbler. It’s seriously that good.

Fair Trade Café is located at 1020 N. 1st Ave. in Roosevelt (light rail at Roosevelt Station) — 602.354.8150