Lucky Strike Lanes and Designer District officially opened today at CityScape.

Lucky Strike combines cocktails and upscale pub grub with lounge seating and glitzy bowling. It is open until 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday if you’d like to roll a game this weekend. Designer District sells an array of casual and contemporary designer fashion, helping individuals create a sense of fashion as opposed to buying individual “styles.”

Curious about what else is coming to CityScape? Below is a recent rendering of the project. Five Guys Burgers and Fries is set to open next on September 7, followed shortly thereafter by West of SoHo, Vitamin T and others.

  • Vaughn Hillyard

    Whoo hoo! CityScape is coming to frution! I think it’s especially exciting for downtown ASU students. I think this will just further everyone’s reasoning for coming to downtown Phoenix. The downtown area is becoming unique, in a good way, and a nice place to come to in the evening. I think the Lucky Strike is a key entertainment spot, and the shops that will be opening soon will bring a new crowd to downtown. Thank you, CityScape, for your arrival! We’re excited for everything that is to come!

  • Drew Morgan

    I was down at the new CVS yesterday, CityScape seems to be really coming along! Any word on the opening date for Urban Outfitters?

    • I believe it is still scheduled for this winter, probably January.

  • Jennifer Crane

    I’m enjoying all that CityScape is brining to Downtown Phoenix! With the new openings this past month and openings in the upcoming months, Downtown is really shaping into a great place. Downtown really hasn’t seen places like this before; many of these places are brand new to Arizona. CityScape has given Phoenix a great place to just hang out or take a walk in the cooler hours of the day.