There’s a new band invading Phoenix venues, The Whisperlights, a six-man band that grows larger in size just to try and compete with The Polyphonic Spree.

The band is comprised of Illya Riske, Wasef El-Kharouf, Owen Marshall, Dave Gironda, Tobie Milford and Chris Kasych.

Everyone trades places playing guitar and keyboards, but they also incorporate bass, drums, trumpet and a violin to add lushness to their sound.

The Whisperlights started in February 2009, and after gaining their spot here in Arizona, they hope to repeat the success in other states, as their first West Coast tour started a couple days ago.

The Whisperlights have made a mark in the desert.

Their songs are quirky and fun, but most of all surprising — they’ll have you on your feet dancing in no time with their dark, electronic pop sound.

The band’s song process is a huge team effort where every member takes a part in completing a song.

“Seventy-five percent of the time each of us will individually write a song with lyrics and basic structure and then 25% of the time somebody will just come up with something that we like, develop it into a song, someone will come in and write lyrics for it,” Riske says.

The Whisperlights are more than just bandmates and friends, they’re more like brothers. They have so many inside jokes that no one outside their circle knows what they’re talking about and they email each other constantly throughout the day.

“I don’t think there’s ever an hour where we’re not talking to each other via email about something,” El-Kharouf chimes in.

They’ve played at the Yucca Tap Room in Tempe and Modified Arts, The Trunk Space and fractal and more in Phoenix, but the band’s all-around favorite is The Lost Leaf.

“It’s really homey. It’s like playing in your house,” Riske says.

The rest of the band joins in saying they love the people, lights and how loud it gets in there. Whenever the band plays there, El-Kharouf has a plan of his own, too.

The Roosevelt is right down the street, so I’m fond of going over there and recruiting people over there to come back. It never goes over well… the DJs yelled at me, screaming, ‘Stop trying to steal people!’” El-Kharouf admits.

Outside of Arizona, the band has only played in Las Vegas at a festival, so to say the least, they have been looking forward to this first tour.

On the road, the band said they can’t wait for long nights of Scrabble, Uno, backgammon, being in the van with each other and 20 questions. However, Gironda already warns the band that his answer for everything in 20 questions is “Indiana Jones,” so the games may not last long.

On tour they’re supporting their newly released EP, Wake Up Dead, but you can catch them here at home at the Lost Leaf on July 29.