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362 N. 2nd Ave. near Roosevelt

The Charles Pugh House is a complete anomaly: easily missed on this quiet stretch of 2nd Avenue between Copper Square and Roosevelt, yet brightly bold and architecturally distinctive, despite requiring some serious TLC.

Queen Anne style, the home was built c.1897, but it is evident that some alterations have taken place over the years. The home is brick with a stone foundation, and features a classic hip roof and hand-carved brackets at the eave. Decorative shingles on the gable, stained glass windows and a bay ell made this house a standout in its heyday.

The home, built by Pugh, the editor and proprietor of the Southwestern Stockman, was occupied well into the 20th century, and received a significant alteration and addition to the rear, as well as the addition of the front courtyard, which is still in good shape despite its neglect.

Today, the building sits in the shadows of O’Neil Printing and the YMCA, boarded up and in need of a power wash. It almost looks like something out of a Tim Burton movie, but it certainly could be resurrected into a great little gift shop or museum. Only time will tell…

Source: Phoenix: Nineteenth Century Architecture, Survey by Woodward Architectural Group, June 1991.

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  • Wasn’t it a restaurant at some point as well? I seem to recall a faded sign that said something along those lines though I dont recall specifically.

    • I seem to remember that, too. I couldn’t find a listing, though.

    • Jessica

      It was a restaurant and it became a boarding house somewhere along the line.

  • River

    I love that building! I would always daydream while driving past it.

  • BaconBoy

    Do you know who currently owns this property and if it can be restored to residential status? I’ve loved this building for over a year now, and love biking past it.

  • There will be a clean-up of the house and property tomorrow, October 22nd, 2010 at 9 AM. We will be meeting at the house at 362 N. 2nd Ave.

    For more information on the clean-up, contact Joe Murphy at or visit the Friends of the Charles Pugh House on Facebook. A Facebook event page has also been created.

  • Jessica

    I love the Charles Pugh house and I hope they are planning on restoring this beauty and not demolishing it for yet another parking lot. This is part of our history and we should not be destroying it!