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By now most of us have heard the disheartening news that CenPhoTV‘s equipment was stolen a few weeks back. In the aftermath, it’s been inspiring to hear stories of generosity — offers of used equipment to keep the show up and running and benefit events at SuTRA Midtown Yoga. Now Stinkweeds, Uptown’s favorite indie record store, is pitching in its support with a benefit concert, with help from River Jones Music and SilverPlatter.

On Sunday, November 8, a $3 donation (proceeds going to CenPhoTV… duh) will get you a chill spot in Stinkweeds’ lovely little courtyard to see some pretty killer bands.

Snake! Snake! Snakes!, Western Medicine, Mi Monster, Vanessa Atalanta and Boys and Frogs will all be donating their Sunday afternoon for this worthy cause.

If you’ve been meaning to get out and buy a record, do so on Sunday. Bring your crisp $1 and $2 bills, or 12 quarters, and help the CenPhoTV folks procure a brand spankin’ new HD camcorder… those things aren’t cheap, you know.

Stinkweeds is located at 12 W. Camelback Rd. — light rail station at Central/Camelback. Show starts at 4 p.m.