Here is the latest live music schedule for the Grand Avenue Festival. Check when you arrive at Grand for the most accurate, up-to-date list.

Paisley Town (1028 W. Grand Ave.)
Noon: Frequent Kings
1 p.m.: Mike Ferrara
2 p.m.: Deadly Night Shades
3 p.m.: Brian Chapman
4 p.m.: Dirty Lingo
5 p.m.: Lil Jamaica
6 p.m.: Carnuba
7 p.m.: Burn Riders
8 p.m.: Free Sushi Records presents: Thankful Birds
9 p.m.: Free Sushi Records presents: Race You There
10 p.m.: Free Sushi Records presents: Mobius

The PHiX (1113 W. Grand Ave.)
4 p.m.: Flyaway Tigers, The Super Funk All-Stars
5 p.m.: The Chandails
6 p.m.: Snake Snake Snakes!
7 p.m.: Boys and Frogs
8 p.m.: Some Never Sleep
9 p.m.: Azul
10 p.m.: Somber Sounds

Outside of the PHiX (1113 W. Grand Ave.)
5-8 p.m.: River Jones PRESENTS! featuring Courtney Marie Andrews, Poem, You Me and Apollo, Saddles, Owl and Penny, Bradley and the Materials, the You and Me Thing, See/Hear, So & So (with face painting from the Bears and the Bees!)
8 p.m.: The Package
9 p.m.: Flux Manifesto

Sweets & Beats (1504 W. Grand Ave.)
4 p.m.: The Boys
5 p.m.: Great Job
6 p.m.: Liam and the Ladies

The Loft (1231 W. Grand Ave.)
5 p.m.: The Complainiacs
6 p.m.: Ray Reeves & the Phoenix Sons
7 p.m.: Bolt
8 p.m.: Scorpion vs. Tarantula
9 p.m.: Haunted Cologne
10 p.m.: Man About a Dog
11 p.m.: The Skinwalkers

For a map to plan out your musical adventures, head over here.