Photo by Jeremiah Toller

Photo by Jeremiah Toller

Well, once again I head to a place that should distribute awards for finding it. Tucked away in a sort of food mecca, surrounded by Sens and the Turf, and with the Breadfruit around the corner, PastaBAR is unique and quite a find.

For all of my searching, I have developed quite a thirst. Fortunately for me, these fine people offer up a special drink with a twist. So, I hunker down to the classy-looking bar and submit my order of a Camparita. According to the menu, this drink consists of lemon, lime, orange and grapefruit juice with Patron Silver, Cointreau and Campari on the rocks. I’m not to keen on what those last two things are, but it sounds fruity and delicious.

Now, before I proceed to tell you what it tasted like, I must defend my manhood, because this drink sounds girly and is presented extremely girly. Served up in a stemmed glass with a lime wedge and radiating a pink color, it looks like a beverage that would be preferred by Barbie or any number of valley girls. But, in my defense, there is a good amount of tequila in it, and I only felt unmanly when I was drinking it.

The rush of flavors onto my taste buds was truly a delight. The blend of citrus is heavenly and seems to project my imagination toward an island getaway. So, if you are in the mood for a slightly feminine drink that will still rock your face off, PastaBAR might be serving up your beverage of choice.

PastaBAR is located at 705 N. 1st St. (light rail station at Central/Roosevelt) 602.687.8704