“Quench me when I’m thirsty; come on and cool me down, baby, when I’m hot.”

As the melodic groove of Marley’s “Stir It Up” continues, I feel miles from trouble, but also right at home. The Breadfruit, tucked neatly behind PastaBAR, Sens and the Turf, seemingly calls to me every weekend, but this past weekend, I finally answered.

While perusing the signature-laden menu, I felt the urge to enjoy something truly unique. Lucky for this old soul, the wait staff was more than kind to point my hankerin’ stomach towards the Sorrel. I’m going to be honest, when this deep purple something landed on the table, the air was instantly overwhelmed with ginger. Not a bad thing, but it was so thick that my mind instantly thought of Granny’s potpourri nestled in a crystal kitty cat jar. With images like that racing through my mind, I asked for a menu to figure out if I had gotten some voodoo, geriatric medicine drink. This crazy, dark concoction is wildly concocted with ginger (of course), Appleton Estates Jamaican rum, pimento and house-brewed hibiscus tea. Let me tell you, ladies and gents, this thing packs a spicy mule kick of flavor. Each sip is readily brimming with pulpy flavor and feels like it is topping your stomach off. I had to ask some friends to help me drink it since it filled and warmed my belly so much. That might be one of the few must-try drinks in town. Ya mon… I mean, ya’ll.

All photos by Andrew Langdal, andorproductions.com.