We are blessed. Downtown Phoenix, I hope you realize this. Perched at the corner of Pierce Street and Central Avenue, we have a treasure trove of goodness. The Urban Grocery and Wine Bar is one of my favorite spots to come to, even if I am only stopping by outside to gaze longingly at what will become my dinner. Housing fresh produce and various delicacies from around the state, the market just makes this old Southern boy feel right at home.

Now, it was suggested one day to try out the lunch specials. This seems strange, when in the course of my walk, I pass local favorites like the Turf, the Breadfruit, Sens and PastaBAR. I suppose it is the allure of someplace new, a place that is immediately special to me, that pushes me past this conglomerate of eateries.

Scribbled on the chalkboard wall behind the counter is the list of the two specials the grocery has for the day. I select the tuna salad sandwich on honey wheat bread. OK, by now you are probably asking, “What’s the big deal? You are just ordering a normal sandwich that, if you weren’t lazy, you could make yourself.” True. I could make this sandwich, and a tuna salad sandwich can be found elsewhere, but it has its own specialness about it.

This is a downright delicious tuna salad. It is carefully put together and I just get the feeling like I’m at home while I eat it. It is the perfect blend of tuna and mayo dabbled with almond slices. The bread is fresh and seamless. Served on a bed of leafy greens, this is a lunchtime novelty to be reckoned with. I even complete the meal with a refreshing iced mocha from Royal at the Market (one of my vices).

So, if you are on the lookout for a place to make you feel special and give you a nice little jump start, then the Urban Grocery and Wine Bar might just be your spot. To make it feel all the more home grown, tell them Sips and Grub sent you.

The Urban Grocery and Wine Bar is located at 14 E. Pierce St. — light rail station at Central/Roosevelt.