What happens when you pair local bands and musicians together to pay homage to each other? Valley resident Nick Kizer asked the same question, and created the When in AZ music compilation as the answer. Kizer graciously coordinated the idea to expose Arizona music in a unique way by bringing together numerous artists to cover each other’s songs. The CD explores the different sounds of the Valley, ranging from alternative country to electronica. The genius behind the compilation is that it compels you to explore not only the original artist’s versions of the songs, but also the covering band’s original work.

If you aren’t familiar with the local music scene, or aren’t sure what is out there, this is a great way to be exposed to the vast musical talent Arizona has to offer. You get a real sense of community from these artists coming together to pay respect to each other, plus, it’s for a great cause, as all proceeds will be donated to Valley nonprofit organizations that support music education in schools and around the community. Some of the Valley’s most popular bands and up-and-coming artists have put their hearts into the compilation, which features nearly 3.5 hours of tunes. Be sure to pick up a copy for yourself at www.wheninaz.com or at one of the several CD release shows going on this month. The first show is this Friday, September 4, at Modified Arts starting at 9 p.m.  It’s free for all ages, featuring artists Matthew Reveles, Stellaluna and Flyaway Tigers.

Check back with DPJ for full recaps of each of the When in AZ shows.