Relax. Just do it. Phoenix Mayor, Phil Gordon proclaims August 10, 2009 Stress Free Day for Phoenix residents, employers and employees in an effort to communicate the importance of health and wellness throughout the community.

The Stress Free Day proclamation signed by Mayor Gordon encourages Phoenicians to take a minute, hour or even a day to slow down and enjoy the benefits of reducing stress in our daily lives.

“Today, more than ever, most of us experience stress to some degree as we balance busy schedules on a daily basis,” said Mayor Gordon. “Life can be hectic and often times we don’t think about how stress can impact us physically, mentally and emotionally. I encourage Phoenicians to celebrate Stress Free Day and focus on taking measures to improve overall health.”

Simple steps including: deep breathing, exercise, rest, laughing, re-connecting with nature, stretching, playing with a pet or children and simply turning off the computer and/or phone are effective methods in reducing stress. Phoenix businesses and employers are invited to participate in the community-wide event by discussing stress reduction benefits with employees in an effort to promote healthy lifestyles.

In its third year, Stress Free Day was created by Michael Minkus, facility director for Just Breathe, a Wellness Sanctuary located in Downtown Phoenix. Just Breathe offers fitness and wellness programs focusing on healthy lifestyles, mind/body programs, self-awareness and community. In recognition of Stress Free Day, the center is offering free fitness classes beginning at Noon on August 10. Massage specials and stress management seminars are also available.

Visit for additional information and to learn more about supporting and participating in Stress Free Day.