Bob Marley and yoga? What about throwing in a little Jackie Chan? Or maybe a dose of Barishnicoff?  There’s a whole new way to practice yoga in Downtown Phoenix – or make that a host of new ways – and they’re all under one funky roof at SuTRA Midtown Yoga, 2317 N. 7th St. Think: Ballet Yoga, Kung Fu Yoga, Rhythmic Funk, Reggae Fridays, the Nooner, and the Community Jukebox.

“We wanted to make yoga more exciting and introduce some creative funk,” says Matthew Fritz, co-owner with wife Rebecca, of SuTRA. “We wanted to liberate yoga from all the rigid rules, strict poses and preconceived notions that can make yoga so blah, even for people who’ve practiced yoga for years.”

Despite the challenging economy, the Fritzes have realized their long-time dream of opening their own studio, in a historic converted factory building on the edge of the Historic Coronado Neighborhood in Midtown’s Sheridan Square, alongside great neighbors like Lisa g’s Wine Bar, Drip Coffee Lounge, The Art of Soup and Trente-Cinq.

“We are all aware of the long list of yoga’s benefits – but pair those benefits with various forms of movement, such as martial arts, dance, fitness, and rhythm, and you have just created one of the most productive, high energy, enjoyable workouts in the city”, says Rebecca, who’s innovations have earned her a reputation as the “Mad Scientist” of yoga in Phoenix. The results, SuTRA’s signature Yoga Fusions, provide a workout experience unlike any other. Combining classic yoga with alternative ideas gives participants not only get a chance to shake up their yoga routine, but also a chance to explore a new form of yoga fitness packed with flavor while ignoring limitations.

“A lot of people are feeling stressed in this economy right now,” says Matthew. “And yoga has been proven to be a great way to deal with stress. But it can add to your stress to practice yoga at a studio that’s all about ‘lookie, lookie at how good I am at yoga.” At SuTRA, we’ve changed all that.”It’s about ‘keeping it real,’ setting intentions and having fun, working hard and feeling good.”

“Yoga is a living, breathing, evolving practice,” adds Rebecca. “There’s no right way; there’s no wrong way – there’s only your way.” Come find your Groove at SuTRA, where the intention is not to push the boundaries of yoga, but rather to tear those boundaries down completely.

For more information, call 602-253-9525 or visit