Maya Foxall

West Covina, California

School, Major and Year:
I am a sophomore at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Why Did You Choose Your Major:

I have always used different outlets to express my thoughts, from writing essays to diary logs. It wasn’t until my senior year of high school that I became involved in the school newspaper, the State Press. From then on, I realized my passion for journalism and decided that informing people and creating change was a goal of mine.

Maya stands in front of a mural by local artists JB Snyder, Tato Caraveo and Colton Brock.

What Are Your Professional Goals?
As of now, I want to be a multimedia journalist for a digital media outlet such as Buzzfeed or Refinery 29. Specifically, I hope to write about things for digital media outlets that want to create change with their words.

Favorite Things to Do When Not Working or In Class?
I really enjoy writing blog posts and binge watching shows when I can make time for it. Besides that, walking around the city to different coffee shops and thrift stores with my friends is my go-to activity.

Favorite Non-Academic Thing to Read?
I love reading Buzzfeed articles about my favorite shows or different foods that are both funny and surprisingly informative.

Favorite Thing About Downtown Phoenix?
I love the atmosphere of downtown Phoenix. There are so many interesting people within this area of Phoenix and they spread their creativity throughout the city, which I think is such an important aspect of downtown. From new, artist-centric coffee shops to amazing local vendors, there is no shortage of creativity from the downtown community.

Favorite Place to Eat in Central Phoenix?
I love to eat at Phoenix Public Market Café because the menu is different, delicious and most importantly, vegetarian friendly. I also love the ASU student discount and highly recommend the soft pretzels!

If You Could Have Dinner with Any Three People (Living or Dead), Who Would You Choose?
I would have dinner with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Kanye West and Selena Quintanilla.

Favorite Quote:
“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

I’m Excited to Intern at DPJ Because:
I love learning new experiences and developing more writing skills and that is exactly what I seek to accomplish as an intern.