You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful day in downtown, but it never hurts to bring that sun-brella along, or in tonight’s case, an umbrella… was that cheesy enough? Good! It’s going to be a great night at First Friday, but come prepared for some fickle weather and some amazing artwork. Need a ride? No problem, find more information here.

courtesy of MonOrchid

Courtesy of MonOrchid.

Gray Area
Shade Gallery is proud to feature work from three artists who use drawing as a means of personal growth and discovery. “Drawing is something we all do throughout childhood, scribbling on paper as we learned to express and explore our visual experience and remains at the core of most artistic practice, so much so that it is can be underrated as an advanced practice in its own right.” Come see what the aesthetic diversity of these artists have to share this evening, inside the MonOrchid from 6-10 p.m. at 3rd st. and Roosevelt. More information at on MonOrchid’s website.

Rue Femme
This exhibit features the works of several local female artists who contribute to the beautification and progression of our city through their colorful, large scale works of street art. The show will highlight this particular group of muralist for their unique perspective and fresh concepts that interact with our community on a daily basis. Join 9 the Gallery at 1229 Grand Ave, tonight from 6-10 p.m. as these outside artists take a break from the heat and come inside for an evening wonder.

courtesy of Lauren Lee

Courtesy of Lauren Lee.

Support: Something That Holds Up Structure
Join local artist Molly Hoehn as she depicts, “… the relationship between humans and nature.” This unique exhibit explores the interconnectedness and lines of support that run the gamut between human beings and mother nature. Her sculptures will meld with drawings and fiber, blended with her precise method to reveal the answers to her questions and express a sense of heightened awareness to the viewer concerning these everyday relationships. The artist’s reception will take place at Practical Art, located at 5070 N. Central Ave from 7-9 p.m..

Nature In Notion
The title of this exhibit from artist Throng Nguyen expresses the show’s purpose beautifully. “With my double nationality, language and career, I often question my place,” says Nguyen, as he explores the connections between his homeland of Vietnam and his lifelong home of Arizona. His current body of work uses a variety of mediums to break down barriers and clichés in order to develop a dialogue between the viewer and the value they have on nature and humanity. Find this exhibit at Chartreuse Gallery, located at 1301 Grand Avenue from 6-10 p.m.

Crystals and Lasers
Join Unexpected Gallery for a visually stunning exhibition of photography and video, complete with a fashion show that explores the ability to be reborn through growth and development in the heart of Phoenix, both proverbially and literally. This time-based exhibit will take place for 21 days and features a host of events throughout that time. Be sure to check in to see what’s up on their Facebook page. Join them tonight from 6:30-10:30 p.m. at 734 W. Polk Street.

Courtesy of Unexpected Gallery

Courtesy of Unexpected Gallery