With the weather cooling off and the nights lasting a little longer, this September evening should be the perfect time to explore the downtown Phoenix art scene, without breaking a sweat. Here are five exhibits to jumpstart your journey. Need a ride? No problem, we’ve got you covered. Find out more here.

Pop Culture Politics

Treeo Gallery is proud to present works from artist Paige Reesor, who will be giving a few old images some new life. Inspired by her work in local politics and her love of “…crazy, creative colors,” Reesor will be juxtaposing political figures with pop culture references, specifically to bring out the humor in each piece. So let there be no debate when it comes to purpose behind these paintings. Have a laugh at their expense! Open from 6-10 p.m. and located at 906 N. 6th St.  More info here

Courtesy of Treeo

Courtesy of Treeo.

What Happens In Between?

Truly a compelling question that will be answered by artist Kris Manzanares concerning, “what happens in the wild moments glinting between the familiar framework of our daily routine.” Depicted through her new body of work, comprised of both paintings and sculptures, the exhibit will bridge the gap between fantasy and the artist’s version of reality to generate a new perception of the working of the world itself.  Indulge yourself from 6-10 p.m. at 214 E. Roosevelt. More info on MonOrchid’s website

Courtesy of Art Haus.

Courtesy of Art Haus.

Lalo & Tato

Lalo Cota and Tato Caraveo are two “highly recognizable and respected artists in the valley” who have joined forces once more to create some new collaborative works that will be exhibited at the new Grand Art Haus. The space will also feature a few pieces from each of its current resident artists such as Lauren Lee, Lucinda Yrene and Robert Gentile, as an official introduction to the space as a professional gallery. Don’t miss this! Open from 7-10 p.m. and located at 1501 Grand Ave.

Master Portrait Series Pt. 1

Artwork is a place for statements to be made, arguments to be fought and ideals to be upheld. Abe Zucca is no stranger to these issues and in fact, embraces the opportunity for his voice to be heard through the stroke of his brush. The intent behind this small, three-part exhibit series is to ground the viewer in the application of paint and not allow them to get lost in patterns or backgrounds of great portraits. Come see what all the fuss is about from 6-11 p.m., located at 1301 Grand Ave. More info here

courtesy of Marshall Shore

Courtesy of Marshall Shore.

Visions of GRANDeur

This celebration of local art will feature more than 20 local artists, from Lucretia Torva to Christopher ‘Boats’ Oshana and is curated by none other than Marshall Shore, better known as The Hip Historian. The show will offer up new works from each artist as well as feature a decades old mural, once painted as part of a 1950’s movie set. So come on out and check out some art, you might just learn something “hip.” Open from 6-10 p.m., located at 1301 Grand Ave in Chartreuse Gallery.