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Tucson business leader and Arizona Theatre Company (ATC) board member Mike Kasser will guarantee $1 million toward ATC’s $2 million fundraising goal if an equal amount can be raised through the outreach effort now underway.

As a result, the ATC Board of Trustees has extended the fundraising deadline for this effort from Friday, July 1, until Friday, July 15. To that end, ATC Board of Trustees Chair Cameron C. Artigue said that a private donor has committed $100,000 as a separate donation to ensure that ATC operations can continue until the new deadline.




Xanadu. Courtesy of Arizona Theatre Company.

The Board of Trustees of Arizona Theatre Company (ATC), the official State Theatre of Arizona, regrets to announce the likelihood of cancelling the upcoming season. The past several years have been financially challenging for ATC, and while considerable progress toward long-term financial sustainability has been made, the continued effort to attract the contributed income required to ensure artistic and financial success has fallen short of expectations.

Given the reality of the financial situation, if we don’t reach our $2 million fundraising goal, winding down operations and cancelling the 50th Anniversary season will be our only option.

“Ironically, we have just completed two of our most successful seasons, both in terms of artistic acclaim and ticket sales, and we now have management and consulting support that is enabling us to rebuild and strengthen our management systems,” said Cameron C. Artigue, Chair, Board of Trustees. “Unfortunately, in spite of substantial progress, we have had a disappointing year in our ability to attract the necessary level of contributed income across the state to continue that progress.”

The board hopes to receive funding commitments to enable ATC to continue its long history of producing engaging and professional theatre as well as educational programs of singular quality. If we are forced to cancel the 2016/17 season, we will continue our Summer on Stage program for high school students that is already funded.

Photo by Tim Fuller/Arizona Theatre Company

Photo by Tim Fuller/Arizona Theatre Company

If the season is cancelled, regretfully we will be unable to refund tickets already purchased. However, we will work to provide our ticket holders with the following:
• Tax deductible donation for the value of subscription purchases
• Access to local venues to provide ATC patrons with alternative arts experiences
• An invitation to participate in ATC’s future planning

ATC is grateful to Phoenix, Tucson, and the rest of Arizona for the enthusiastic support they have shown the theatre for 50 years. ATC is the preeminent theatre in Arizona and is the only resident company in the U.S. that is fully based in two cities providing its wide array of programming and community outreach across the region. We will continue to communicate plans and hope they lead to serving Arizona for many years to come.

If you would like to help, please make a contribution today to save our theatre (click here) or contact:

Development Department: 520-884-8210
• Pauline Hechler x 7301
• Cynthia Wasco x 7302
• Carley Preston x 7305
Or email support@arizonatheatre.org.

  • rgeiken

    It is unfortunate, but that seems to be the way things are going today.I have seen several shows there over the years, but none lately. Funding any kind of non profit today is not assured as it usually was in the past. Wonder why former supporters have dropped out. I guess a lot of us have better uses for our money than Arizona Theater Company. They don’t seem to have much publicity anymore due to lower newspaper readers that would be more likely to hear about these kind of problems. Not being able to refund money to season ticket holders shows that things are more desperate than most of us thought was possible.

  • Alan Schlossberg

    To be honest I have not attended an ATC production since moving to the Phoenix area in 2014. I do love theater and find it unfortunate that a city the size of Phoenix could allow there to be a 50th Anniversary Season.

    That said I would like to offer several possible solutions to raise a portion of the additional fund needed.

    1. Solicit Phoenix area businesses to donate product (excess and otherwise) that can then be cash-converted at a discount to buyers resulting not only revenue for ATC but also a tax deduction for the donating companies potentially at a value greater thanks marking down or liquidating product at cents on the dollar.

    2. Create a Groupon-type program in which participating businesses contribute products and services to be sold at a discount. All or a portion of the proceeds can go to the ATC. In this instance, as with #1. above participating businesses benefit not only from their civic involvement but also by generating more customers and a tax benefit. As a further point of information software is available for managing managing this.

    3. Phoenix has an abundance of media outlets which collectively can provide a powerful voice to the community – companies and individuals – to support ATC through cash product and cash donations. Look at what Bernie Sanders’ campaign achieved with small individual amounts!

    4. Rethink the July 15th cutoff. Better to start the seaon later than have a self-imposed deadline that can lead to failure.

    Finally, suggestions 1., 2. & 3. are potentially sustaining sources of revenue for the ATC throughout the year and not just limited to a fund-raising campaign period.

    Alan Schlossberg