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Phoenix nights are calm and relaxed. The hustle and bustle of the day packs up with the rest of the crowd to jump on the 10 and join the rush to the suburbs. Events and weekends aside, the streets lay silent and generally empty. The cool desert air sends a tranquil breeze through the eventide and mixes with warm stone framework of the urban surroundings to create a cozy hug unlike most other cities. Depending on where you are, you can have your own little part of Downtown Phoenix to yourself for long stretches of time. It feels good.

NBMA Photography

With growth comes change though, and Phoenix is growing…constantly. If you’ve been around downtown recently, you may have seen it. Redevelopment, road construction, new businesses opening, new apartment complexes, and more are a common occurrence these days. The population of the expansive suburb that has been Phoenix is being drawn back to heart of the city, and it’s been a truly beautiful thing to witness.

Growing up in Chicago, I knew what a busy city looked and felt like, and when I moved here roughly ten years ago, I knew Phoenix didn’t have that feeling. It’s getting it though. More and more this city is building density and focusing on the right projects to make downtown feel alive.

NBMA Photography

These changes will unfortunately lead to the loss of these calm and tranquil nights. Phoenix is growing up into the city it was meant to be, and it’s fantastic. It needs it. We need it. We’re a city full of inspiring and hardworking people who have made all of these changes happen. I’m in awe every time I take a moment to realize what’s happening around me. It’s a beautiful experience to watch something you love go through big changes, and even though I’ll miss the Phoenix nights the way they have been, I’m looking forward to experiencing what they become.

Photos by NBMA Photography/Nader Abushhab.