David Krietor has served as CEO of the newly-formed Downtown Phoenix, Inc. (“DPI”) since April 8, 2013. In that time, he has begun work with community stakeholders to develop the downtown we want. “Your Downtown” shares his thoughts and DPI’s progress with the downtown community and beyond. Read the other chats here.

Steve Moore

Over the past year our partner publication, Downtown Phoenix Journal, has been interviewing members of the Downtown Phoenix Inc. board of directors to get their perspective of where downtown Phoenix is today and where it can be in the future. We pick up where we left off on this “Conversation Series” with Ron Butler, Managing Partner at Ernst & Young; Steve Moore, President/CEO of Visit Phoenix; Councilman Michael Nowakowski; and Mayor Greg Stanton (Part 1 and Part 2). Please spend some time reading what they have to say.

While EDM (electronic dance music) is not my thing, unless it involves the Bee Gee’s, I was stunned (in a positive way) by the turnout for the Phoenix Lights Festival at Civic Space Park. Lots of college students, and so many folks who rode light rail into our central city. I also want to thank Charlie Levy and his colleagues at Stateside Presents for Year 2 of VIVA PHX, 90 bands at 20 unique downtown venues. What a gift to our city.

Developing Stories 

The City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services and Community and Economic Development Departments are requesting City Council authorization to issue a Request-for-Proposals (RFP) for the disposition and development of City-owned property located between 3rd and 2nd Avenues, north side of McKinley Street in downtown Phoenix. The approximate 0.64 acre site is comprised of three parcels and is mostly vacant except for a small portion used for parking for an adjacent apartment complex. Interested individuals are welcome to provide feedback about what they would like to see in an RFP for this site. To complete the online survey, click here.

Healthy Communities

I just learned that students in Arizona State University’s New Media Innovation Lab are working with the City of Phoenix Public Works Department to create a smartphone app to help decrease the amount of trash that residents send to the landfill and increase recycling. The students seek your input on what you would like to see in such an app. To take the online survey, click here. If you have any questions about the project, send an email Alicia Canales.

Entrepreneurship Abounds

Foodie Heaven

Arts & Culture

Upon the Phoenix New Times issuing a 10-question survey asking Phoenix artists (and anyone else with an opinion) about the “state of the arts” in greater Phoenix, several friends, associates, and a few talented folks I have yet to meet responded with gusto. Please take a few moments to read what these insightful Phoenix artists have to say about our city’s creative scene: Julie Akerly, Melissa Dunmore, Greg Esser, Jake Friedman, James B. Hunt, Lindsay Kinkade, Beatrice Moore, Kara Roschi, Rashaad Thomas, and Kevin Vaughan-Brubaker

Stay Up to Date!

This twice-monthly “From the Desk Of” e-newsletter is meant to provide you with a crisp, concise, yet comprehensive recap of news and activities in our downtown. Thankfully, there’s a lot of news to share, the great majority of which trends positive. But because of the growing number of events – another positive thing – I sometimes can’t convey many of the major “things to do” that occur in-between the time a particular issue is written. I have two solutions: (1) link to DPI’s “new an improved” online events calendar and (2) download the weekly “What’s Happening Guide” compiled by my DPI colleague David Stevenson. If you have an event to share, contact David by email or give him a call at 602-744-6419. He’s always looking for great content.