For 27 years, Artlink has worked with artists and galleries to present the annual two-day free celebration in downtown Phoenix known as Art Detour. Visitors from throughout Phoenix and the entire Valley will be welcomed into studios and spaces throughout downtown this weekend to see working artists in their natural habitat, buy their work, and enjoy the creative energy of our thriving arts community.

While much of the activity during Detour is concentrated in downtown and on Grand Ave., increasingly the borders of Detour are expanding, and interesting artists and spaces can be found beyond where the trolley route can currently cover. Never fear, however. Using a combination of Metro Light Rail (get a day pass!), bikes and shoe leather, these destinations are within easy reach, and we can help you “connect the dots” to get there. So, with pith helmets firmly snapped in place and our trusty map in hand, we offer a multi-modal guide for intrepid explorers to get the full Detour experience.

Using light rail stations and GRID bike hubs as our guideposts, here are some “beyond the trolley route” spaces you’ll want to incorporate into your weekend Art Detour adventure.

Starting Point – Camelback and Central Light Rail Station

Located on the southwest corner of Camelback Road and Central Avenue, the light rail station is a great place to consider starting your “beyond the trolley” adventure. There is ample parking both at the station and in the Uptown Plaza parking lot on the northeast corner of the intersection.

First Stop – Practical Art, 5070 N. Central

Less than a block north of the light rail station on the west side of Camelback you’ll find Practical Art, a hybrid store/art gallery featuring functional artwork by more than 100 Arizona artists, along with monthly exhibitions of fine art. For Art Detour they will be featuring an exhibition of paintings by Lee Berger called “Indispensable Dispensables – Lessons to Still Be Learned.” In addition, on Saturday they will host some of the instructors from the Bergamot Institute, who run their summer kids classes.

Take the Light Rail to the Indian School and Central station (1 mile south of Camelback).

This is a good location to grab a GRID Bike, as there are a handful of great artist studios and galleries within blocks of this station. The GRID Bike lot can be found at the entrance to Steele Indian School Park. If you have a GRID bike membership you can reserve your bike for pick up, but if you don’t, there is still a chance that there will be bikes available at this stop. This weekend, however, is chock o’block with activities and at Steele Indian School Park, the Arizona Hemophilia Association will be hosting their 31st Annual My Nana’s Best Tasting Salsa Challenge on March 7 and 8 from 10:00 a.m. You might want to stop by for a salsa snack before starting your Art Detour adventure.

So, chow down on some salsa, then grab your bike and head east on the south side of Indian School Rd. to:

Collective Gallery @ The Artery, 623 E. Indian School

The Artery features work by many different artists, including pastels, paintings, photography, woodcuts, jewelry and more.

Studio 6 @ The Artery, 625 E. Indian School

Upstairs in The Artery are six studio spaces where artists welcome visitors to see works-in-progress.

After your visit to both spaces at The Artery, it’s time to head west on Indian School and south on Third Ave. to The Clarendon Hotel & Spa, 402 W. Clarendon.

The Clarendon Hotel & Spa lines its public spaces with the work of local artists and presents an annual art “happening” in May called ARTELPHX, featuring local visual and performing artists. For Detour, the Clarendon will be featuring large scale paintings by local artist Bill Dambrova in the lobby. And just off the lobby, you’ll find The Bolles Gallery, A Historical Reflection Space which commemorates Don Bolles, an Arizona Republic journalist who was murdered in the parking lot of the hotel back in 1976. So, stop by and catch up on a little of the dark side of Phoenix history.  And, if you’ve worked up a thirst or an appetite, before you leave for the next location, you can get a drink and nibbles at Cafe Tranquilo.

After you’ve scoped out everything the Clarendon has to offer, hop back on your bikes and head south and west to Willo North Gallery.

MAP CORRECTION – There is a slight error on the Art Detour map that we need to address here. While it’s shown as an orange dot with a 32 on it, it is actually the dot for Willo North Gallery (#30) on Gallery list. It’s in the correct place, but the number is incorrect.

Willo North Gallery, 2811 N. 7th Avenue

This popular gallery is off the beaten track, but well worth the effort. It’s only a short bike ride from the Clarendon. For Art Detour the gallery will be featuring a solo exhibition of paintings by Fred Tieken called “For the Birds.”

The Hive, 2222 N. 16th Street

The Hive is an eclectic art space that is part shop, part studios, and part gallery and it is well worth the ride. The midcentury modern Hive is in the historic Coronado neighborhood and hosts unique shows throughout the year. During Art Detour they will be featuring work by local artists Thomas Breeze Marcus and Dwayne Insano.

For the TRULY adventurous – there is one more out of the way stop we have to mention: Gary Beal’s artist studio at 2030 N. 17th Avenue, North of McDowell and West of 15th Avenue. It’s a little off the beaten path and he didn’t make it onto the Detour map, but he will be open and if you are a fan of glass/sculpture, you won’t want to miss Gary’s work.

Gary Beal’s Studio

On the final leg of this part of your Art Detour adventure, you can ride back towards Central Avenue and head south to leave your GRID bike at one of the GRID lots along Central, near the Heard Museum or the Phoenix Art Museum. During Detour weekend, the Heard Museum will be hosting the 56th Annual Indian Fair & Market, a ticketed event and the Phoenix Art Museum will be hosting Devoured, a popular, sold-out local food event.

Burton Barr Public Library, 1221 N. Central Ave – Art Detour Park and Ride Trolley Hub

Just one block south of the Phoenix Art Museum, at the Burton Barr Public Library, you’ll find an Artlink Trolley hub, where you can jump on a free trolley and hit all of the great venues along the route. Trolleys will circulate throughout the downtown all day on both days. Waits at each stop are about 15 minutes between trolleys. There will be volunteers and maps to help guide you the rest of the way.

Enjoy Art Detour this weekend, both on the trolley and beyond. Discover how the arts can help “connect the dots” to your unique downtown adventure.