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Hey, you.

Yes, you.

The one who promised just weeks ago, mere seconds after that dumb ball dropped from on top of that dumb building, to change your ways for the better. But still, look at you. Putting inferior food in your mouth as if it’s acceptable to eat mediocrity.

It’s 2015! This is supposed to be the new you!

The you whose baggage was emptied and left behind in 2014 and the only thing you carry on your person is swagger.

The you who struts into downtown Phoenix like you own the entire cot-dam city, through the doors of Greater Than Coffee shop and finally dines on the main reason a higher power created tastebuds.

The Wapanada.

Sorry, THE Wapanada.

A waffle empanada; concocted by Greater Than Coffee owner and Phoenix’s proud son Joseph Cuevas on the southwest corner of 11th St. and Washington, an intersection that might as well be renamed Your New Home.

A waffle and an empanada, the greatest combination since cookies and cream, Wallace and Ladmo, Alice Cooper and hair.

So it’s 2015 and you started eating more vegetables, more fruit. You even started juicing without realizing it’s a horrible, abominable error in life choices. You can stop those shenanigans right now.

The wapanada is a healthy meal. Consider the front door shut.

The dough, cooked in a proper waffle maker, is gluten free and non — wait for it — dairy. High five, bro.

Stuffed inside are savory fare such as cheese paired with turkey, roast beef or vegan sausage; or sweet cuisine like cinnamon and peach.

That first bite will be a moment worthy of being compared to those fateful seconds in food history when one Mr. Reese knew peanut butter could never be without chocolate again, when Kit met Kat, when M found M.

Your life, forever changed. You will be transformed. Into the legend you promised yourself to become.

So go, the new you. Doth bestride the earth.

With the vigor of a lion, purpose of a revolution.

You are the conqueror of night. The destroyer of dawn.

You. Are a Wapanada eater.

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