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Roosevelt Row CDC Receives Significant 2014 ArtPlace Grant for Creative Placemaking

An innovative new model for affordable artist live/work spaces will be coming soon to Roosevelt Row thanks to ArtPlace America. Today, ArtPlace announced Roosevelt Row Community Development Corporation (CDC) as one of 55 national grantees to receive significant funding to support the nationally-recognized artists’ district. Roosevelt Row CDC will receive $90,000 to support a creative placemaking shipping container pilot project, addressing the ongoing need for permanent affordable housing for artists in downtown Phoenix.

“Thanks to ArtPlace, we are once again demonstrating the huge impact that an artist-driven district can have in fostering a healthy, vibrant downtown community,” said Vermon Pierre, Board President of Roosevelt Row CDC. “This project is exactly what Phoenix needs to further support the critical role of artists in our urban core.”

The shipping container pilot project is one step towards a broader portfolio to make Phoenix a more artist-friendly community. The project will consist of renovated and refurbished containers, providing permanent creative spaces where downtown artists can create and exhibit their work to the community while also providing an affordable place to call home in the heart of Roosevelt Row. The containers will also offer street-level activation through storefront gallery spaces. This project supports Roosevelt Row CDC’s mission to create a livable, walkable vibrant arts community through collaborative and creative efforts that encourage sustainable growth and innovation for future development.

“Investing in and supporting the arts has a profound impact on the social, physical, and economic futures of communities,” said ArtPlace Executive Director Jamie L. Bennett. “Projects like these demonstrate how imaginative and committed people are when it comes to enhancing their communities with creative interventions and thoughtful practices.”

The pilot project will be located in the downtown community along Roosevelt Street as an example of what is possible for future development in the arts community. In addition to building the pilot project, the goals of the effort include making shipping containers, or “cargotecture” more accessible by establishing “open source” plans.

“We’re tremendously excited to take this effort utilizing shipping containers for creative placemaking to the next level, in partnership with the City of Phoenix and other collaborators,” said Greg Esser, artist and co-founder of Roosevelt Row CDC.

Photos courtesy of Roosevelt Row showcasing the Hot Box Gallery opening, grant-funded from their first ArtPlace award.