Downtown Phoenix Journal (DPJ) is excited to announce a new partnership with Downtown Phoenix, Inc. (DPI).

Downtown Phoenix, Inc. was created in 2012 to coordinate the activities of the Downtown Phoenix Partnership, the Phoenix Community Alliance and the City of Phoenix in promoting the ongoing revitalization of downtown.

This new partnership will enable DPI to extend the reach of its communications, creating a strong connective force for downtown and the central city as a whole.

DPJ was launched in March 2009 by Urban Affair LLC as the premier multi-media resource for news, blogs, events and stories originating in the greater downtown Phoenix community. With an invitation to “Explore Your Core,” DPJ provides news and information for residents and savvy visitors who want to Go Where the Locals Go.

With this new partnership, DPJ will continue to focus on its unique brand of community-driven news, amplifying the voice of downtown opinion leaders, engaged residents, and business owners: the people and stories that contribute to our vibrant urban lifestyle.

“There are great stories to tell about our emerging downtown,” said David Krietor, CEO of Downtown Phoenix Inc. “Through our partnership with DPJ, we feel we are in a better position to describe the richness, diversity and entrepreneurial energy that makes downtown Phoenix a unique place in our region.”

“When we launched DPJ we said we would cover the ‘urban living movement – and those who make it move.'” said Catrina Kahler, Publisher of Downtown Phoenix Journal. “It’s a comprehensive approach to spotlighting a community that is more active than ever. This partnership with DPI will enhance our coverage while allowing DPJ to maintain its independent voice.”

To learn more about Downtown Phoenix Inc. read the Your Downtown Desk Chats with David Krietor.

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